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PODCAST: HBO 'Q Into the Storm' star Fredrick Brennan on Scientology and QAnon

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Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega has been investigating and writing about the Church of Scientology since 1995, and daily since 2012 at The Underground Bunker. The Underground Bunker podcast allows him to discuss that news with important sources who know David Miscavige's cabal better than anyone.
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We hope you had a chance to see HBO’s excellent 2021 investigation into the origins of the QAnon phenomenon, Q Into the Storm, directed by Cullen Hoback. One of the surprising stars of the series was Fredrick Brennan, the young man who had founded 8chan, the imageboard that became the nursery for the QAnon movement, something Brennan came to regret.

In the series, he helped Hoback unearth the history of the Q phenomenon, which has led to credible threats to his life.

It turns out that Fred is a regular reader of the Underground Bunker and had reached out to us. We invited him on for a rollicking fun podcast episode to talk about the similarities between Scientology and QAnon, and other subjects.

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