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PODCAST: Mark ‘Warrior’ Plummer remembers Scientology’s deceptions

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Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega has been investigating and writing about the Church of Scientology since 1995, and daily since 2012 at The Underground Bunker. The Underground Bunker podcast allows him to discuss that news with important sources who know David Miscavige's cabal better than anyone.
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We were very happy we got the chance to catch up with Mark Plummer this week.

Mark has been a friend to the Underground Bunker for many years, supplying us with killer documents that he took out of the Church of Scientology when he left it in the early 1980s.

We met him in person for the first time in Austin on our book tour in 2015. And we’ve been grateful for his friendship and his deep knowledge about Scientology’s history.

We knew that some of our readers may not be familiar with this important researcher of all things Hubbardian, and so we were glad to talk with him this week about his Scientology journey.

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