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Pre-trial Scientology special: The new episode of Up the Bridge, for everyone!

Pre-trial Scientology special: The new episode of Up the Bridge, for everyone!


In 2013 we began a very popular series at the Underground Bunker which lasted more than a year.

We called it “Up the Bridge,” and with Claire Headley’s help we explained something about every step on Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom,” from beginning to end, and tallying up the costs along the way.

We wanted to give non-Scientologists some sense of what it was like to go all the way from beginner to Operating Thetan, and learn something about what Scientologists actually do all day as they’re making their way to that goal.

Recently we decided to try that again, but in a special podcast series for our subscribers, and with the help of our technical expert, former Hollywood Celebrity Centre officer and Sea Org veteran Sunny Pereira.

For several weeks now Sunny has been taking us on a pretty strange and entertaining journey through what it’s like to go through Scientology courses and auditing.

And now, with everything about to change as we head back to LA for the Danny Masterson retrial, we thought we’d let the rest of you get a listen to what an episode with Sunny has been like. So, for this week, we’re making the new installment available to everyone.

As you’ll see, we’re now up to Grade One on the Bridge, and things are only getting stranger!

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The Underground Bunker Podcast
Tony Ortega has been investigating and writing about the Church of Scientology since 1995, and daily since 2012 at The Underground Bunker. The Underground Bunker podcast allows him to discuss that news with important sources who know David Miscavige's cabal better than anyone.