Judges usually take a frownie face to anyone hiding assets in cases like this. Deborah Rennard probably is not hiding assets for her ex. Getting a court to acknowledge that will be an expensive task for Deborah's lawyers. Hmmmm....dragging out litigation and perhaps harassing family members......where have I seen such tactics before?

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Haggis predicted this stuff years ago. Scientology "fair game".

Tommy Davis is an ur-wanker.

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Idea: Let's give our full, enthusiastic esspee support to Captain Bitchslap's TOTALLY SUCCESSFUL 33 IDEAL EMPTY ORGS!

Please, Big Bean Number One, go ahead and give America FORTY TWO DEAD, EMPTY ORGS! Double-down on your lies and your ruthless pimping! We praise these cult kill-shots!

We are sorry for those abused, bankrupted, mind-fucked souls who continue to underwrite your criminal scam, but trust that your stupidity and greed will reap the appropriate rewards sooner than later.

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