VIDEO: This is what you really want out of Scientology, right? Super Power!

Feb 5, 2023
[For ten grand or so, you too can put the dilithium crystals into the warp core]

We’ve saved the best for last: Another of Scientology’s newer promo videos that encourage members to pay for expensive upper-level “technology,” and this one is selling Super Power!

Previously, we showed you a promo for Scientology’s notorious “running program,” the Cause Resurgence Rundown. Then we had a slick video about getting auditor training that made use of good-looking models, not Scientologists. And that was followed by a promotion for removing your space cooties at home. And last time the L Rundowns were being sold as a guarantee of “total immortality.”

But today’s video sells that most enticing of Scientology mysteries, the space-age fifth floor “Perceptics” hall in the Flag Building, where the Super Power rundowns are delivered in Clearwater, Florida.

Readers at the Bunker know what we’ve been pretty keen on Super Power since we first revealed floor plans for the massive city-block sized building back in 2012. The grand opening was actually in 2013, and we already have some idea of the nature of the rundowns being delivered.

They turn out to be extremely underwhelming. Like the Super Power rundown that consists of a single question (“Where do you feel safe?”) being asked over and over, for days.

But hey, you’ll come out of it being able to sense the saline content of your cells, so what’s twenty or thirty grand when you get that kind of power!

As always, we’re curious about how Scientology attempts to market such stuff. Here’s how the video goes…

It's Time to Unleash Your Full Power As a Spiritual Being

It's Time to Create the New World

Woman: Super Power just gave me a whole new outlook on life. There were definitely universe shifts on every rundown. And each one just builds on the next one.

Man 1: And then moving forward was just leveling up, leveling up, leveling up.

Man 2: Is is one of the most spiritual, emotional, uplifting experiences I've ever had. I'm ready to live.


Create the New World

You tell us, would this get you to Flag to spend a boatload of cash?

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