This article leaves me with a question…..

Is it possible that Dave divorced Shelley?

I’m asking cause divorce is a common as breakfast for Sea Irg members. My mom has married and divorced so many times we lost count.

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The sexual repression in Scientology is not confined to the elite sea Org. Hubbard’s bulletin on Pain and Sex, says it all.



(NOTE. This HCOB probably won't increase my popularity but would be very remiss if I did not pass on an important discovery.)

There are two items in this universe that cause more trouble than many others combined.

One is PAIN.

The other is SEX.

One should know more about these things.

They may have applications but they are used by destructive beings in great volume to cave others in.

Despite the false data of Freud, psychologists, psychiatrists and other criminals,”

So all you people still in Scientology KNOCK IT OFF!

That combined with the Flag Order Tony posted gives a clear picture of how emotionally stunted all scientologists are.

“The Sea Org is an elite group and therefore

should have very high and optimum ethical standards.

Orgs that go out 2D spin in and go to blazes. It is the best way in the world to crash an org or

activity. Internal super emotional charge this can generate brings about fights etc which nobody

wants anything to do with. If you want to blow up your life in your org -

go out 2D.

So if you do it we know what you're

trying to do.



So David Miscavige is destroying his cherch by violating an important Sea Org Order and a major Hubbard green on white bulletin.

These two rules alone without all Hubbards other Xenu/space case/past lives/clear to eternity crap are enough to make all dedicated members

Of the Scientology organization seriously neurotic to psychotic. Just one more big reason why the church is doomed.

Thank you Mitch for speaking out with your direct observations and I’m looking forward to your book.

An insider view behind the secret workings of Miscavige’s inner sanctum.

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Aug 29, 2023·edited Aug 29, 2023

Above the rules. And unable to divorce Shelly publicly, so he's just doing what is right in his mind, which is have his 2D privately and against normal rules, and above anyone's intrusion on what he chooses for himself.

I thought he just ought to have divorced Shelly and remarried Laurisse, but then that puts Laurisse on the hot spot that Shelly vacated.

There's no winning for any position in Scientology/Hubbard Xenu-world.

Hired people likely have the best relationship to Scientology, like the body-guard flight attendants.


I'd be curious if others know where Laurisse's berthing room was situated compared to Dave's berthing room, at the places they've berthed, like in CW, where's Laurisse's room, and at the places Dave stays overnight, what their rooms location to each other were, etc. Others have likely noticed.

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Mitch Brisker, I thank you from afar. Your book (soon to be published) and youtube channel are doing well and I welcome you to the ranks of the ASC. The bar is in the back and as it is Tuesday, Tacos will be served for lunch and dinner.

Rules are for the little people, not big beings like Niblet. In another month or so, John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' will be starting up again on HBO. His newest meme is the original Micky Mouse who continually spouts 'Where's Shelly'. Every bit of real publicity about $cientology is a very good thing.

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In the late 1970s, Jack Dirmann (he was an exec but I don’t remember his post) and Irene Howey, the CO of ASHO D were living together. There has always been a breathtaking hypocrisy between what is allowed in the rank and file and what is allowed in the upper echelons.

Most of what David Miscavige does, including his drinking and temper tantrums, would cause another person to be severely disciplined, probably by the hypocrite in chief.

I would not be at all surprised to discover he has something going on with Laurisse, although I would have thought he would have discarded her by now for someone new, which may be the case. It would be interesting to have him be brave enough to appear in public (fat chance) if only to see who was by his side.

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Oooh, I can't wait to read Mitch's book.

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“Do as I say, not as I do”: the refrain of every cult leader.

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I wonder who had a more destructive case of small man syndrome. Napoleon or DM (aka HWMNBS)?🤔

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I wonder why Miscavige didn't divorce Shelly??

Out PR?

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