This is so eerie. What a find. Good on Karen for providing this context.

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Again, thanks for all you do. Watched your podcast with Chris yesterday. So glad you 2 are doing these

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Rather than not showing up, begging for permission to leave. Since there were two similar ones, the person seems to have spent some time drafting it in a way to make it sound good without including what would be considered “case in post” or “natter”. It sounds very real to me, slams me right back in.

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That note is a snap-shot of scientology slavery.

On top of the ritual daily abuse and physical exhaustion, there's the self-loathing and shame that goes with being a "PTS down-stat"...amplified by the shade that's thrown your way by "your team", the "most ethical group on the planet."

I hope that person just walks away from that culty jiggery-fuckery.

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Work sets you free

David miscavage's favorite saying

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I wonder how recent is that image of Chinese school?

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I feel glad McGuire was thinking on his feet and kept the notes. I intend the one who wrote them will walk away from Scientology and take care of him/herself.

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Jun 13, 2023·edited Jun 13, 2023

When I was a Flag Course Sup (1977 til 1983, one year I was just a "word clearer") and a student was sick, the first thing was ask about their study, check for MUs (recent misunderstandings). Then put them on the routing form to the MLO (Medical Liaison Officer) who then did their steps, and food poisoning is something the MLO will have heard about already, as other staff or students will have gotten a bug or felt food poisoning. Really sick, they go into isolation, like they get their temperature taken, and if they have a temperature, then isolation.

(While in isolation, depending on your "status" like when I was sick and I was a Flag Course Sup, I was put into isolation room, a grungy room, no beds, mattresses, food brought to us, but if everyone is really sick, your appetite is not great. I got a "session" from an Intern quack auditor who did run on me a "Date/Locate" of a recent past lives "engram" and while this stuff of past life engrams is so bogus to me today, I did get "instant" relief and got well "on the spot" but I have no idea since this past lives crap trauma and doing the "Date/Locate" procedure which is a delicate skilled form of higher level "repair" quack auditing, it still, probably just the attention and being given a "Date/Locate" as the ONLY quackery auditing instruction I was to receive, showed skilled "case supervising" on the Case Supervisor's and my regular quack "auditor's" part. Interns on Flag Internships have to be the most "skilled" in the quackery, and the quackery is intensely intricate, so getting a "Date/Locate" when you are sick and in iso, is kind of "special", anyways probably knowing how much was behind this skillful care, even though it is truly quackery, still impressed me, I got "well" almost instantly, who knows.)

Now, MOST will never get even ANY "repair" highly skilled super excellent "Case Supervising" like this. Hubbard did give that kind of instructions, so SOME Scientologists will get some pretty specialized stuff, and a "Date/Locate" kind of cold turkey, on a recently run past lives engram, is what I got, and it "worked" to whatever degree the "tech" quackery part was the cause, more likely to me in hindsight, it was actually done by a Sea Org member many many later knew at Int Base, he became an RTC Tech auditor, Abby Ambron (not sure of his spelling). When he was doing his Flag Class IV internships, the higher classed interns have to do specialized actions, like they have the requirement to DO a "Date/Locate" and get a spectacular, this kind of "instant wellness" causing reaction.

I doubt highly seriously outer org students ever get any good specialized actions, but if this sick outer org student has some colleagues at Flag training on an internship, the Class 4 or 5 auditing internship, one of them has the Intern DO some of these specialized higher skilled actions, like the "Date/Locate" and get a dramatically good positive result.

Scientology's pseudo-therapy to me today is a huge part expectation on the part of the recipient, you want to have a good result, you are psyching yourself up to have a good result.

I knew the "theory" of engrams, and doing "Date/Locates" on them, and what the expected result of doing this would be. (this also relates in a very probably way to the work sheet Pat Broeker held up at the LRH death event, which contained what most likely is partially part of the "Date/Locate" quack auditing technique, the "Date" part of the quack Date/Locate action. LRH was likely dating and then also locating some incident way far back on his or one of his body-thetan's time track---point is that Date/Locate is one technique if the recipient and doer of this quack pseudo-therapy are all genned in and expecting a miracle, then one can "happen".)

But will sick trainees af Flag be so lucky, most likely these "miracles" of the "tech" Hubbard quackery are just in people's minds, people who are trained and prepped to experience them.

Best to just never be at Flag doing one's training/indoctrination into the Hubbard quackery "tech" procedures.

Best to get out of Scientology and get a career or job in life and get onto a regular life. Best to never put yourself so deep into Scientology's quackery that you forgo normal sickness common sense treatments like this student wished to do. The hoops Scientology puts a person to do all the Hubbard alternative quackery "handlings" and delay normal sensible medical stuff, is why NO one ought to get into Scientology's huge long runway and menu of alternative quackery.

Chuck Beatty

ex Flag Course Sup, 1977-1981, 82-83, and tiny slots later, I loved being a course sup, I was completely brainwashed and enjjoyed the job LOL).

Sea Org, 1975-2003 (my final seven years in Sea Org in the RPF, LOL)

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I hope this person is okay. The symptoms sound severe--I hope s/he gets an actual doctor visit, not a SO “medic.”

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