HOW is it already the 10th episode? Blimey.

Hooray, it's Jefferson!

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Jeff having successfully marketed Scientology, and having statistics proving this, is a huge resume badge for the outside world.

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Aug 28, 2022·edited Aug 28, 2022

In summary, from the Hubbard side of Scientology, Hubbard was adamant to overstaff, and over hype Scientology expansion.

It's policy to exaggerate, and to the bitter end, in the Author Services Inc final Hubbard traffic, Hubbard gave one reject to Greg Wilhere (when Greg was the Fiction Exec at ASI) and the Hubbard reject said ".....not enough hype....." to Greg's proposed advertising for Battlefield Earth.

"....not enough hype....." - L. Ron Hubbard

Hubbard's organizations have their overstaffing policy demands which cannot ever be countermaned, since Hubbard made overstaffing a forever Scientology bureaucracy policy.

If one studied just the key words, Hubbard institutionalized to promote Scientology, you see the predicament of the followers and staffs today.

It is difficult to extract yourself out of the Hubbard delusion, if you start buying into it, and get engulfed with it. and professional outsiders who wished to help promote Scientology, were the ones who ultimately sold and advertised Scientology effectively. (Not the quackery, honestly, since the quackery is just nonsense, BS.). People like Jeff more than helped keep Scientology afloat.


Ken Delderfield, David Ziff, I met both in my Sea Org years. So much history to both of their lives in Sea Org.


Jeff's outlasted Delderfield and Ziff, and possibly though, Delderfield did more output and had a greater "production record" than anyone in the movement's history though. Deld was the overseer of the OEC edition of the 1970s, and the first edition of the red volumes. Deld oversaw the publishing of the LRH books over the LRH Compilations Branch for the longest of anyone over that branch. Deld did the Mission Earth book typesetting and readying for their ultimate fiction production.

Deld oversaw also the 1991 editions of the red and green volumes.

Deld then bounded down, and he's apparantly deceased.

Ziff stopped being in the field of dissm way back.

Jeff really, and Annie McGinley/Allcock were really the top people for a whole long time when LRH was alive.

Carol Titus had a stint, but no one was like Jeff.

Hubbard if he'd lived, would have kept Jeff, and one thing that made it hard for Miscavige to dump Jeff, was the backing Hubbard gave to Jeff, commending Jeff for all Jeff's years of work.

But, it's the story of professional, smart Scientologists who did get footholds in key jobs in the Hubbard cult bureaucracy, who have made the Hubbard cult "work."

But it would long range be still the problem, what is Scientology really, and what's it selling?

It's really the Hubbard rah rah and hype, and not the actual core of the practices of Scientology which is the pseudo-therapy/exorcism.

(As a member of Scientology all my years, Jeff was there, from the start to my finishing years, Jeff I knew had never flagging Hubbard support, and Jeff got untold numbers of Hubbard despatch traffic which Jeff efficiently executed.)


If anything, another lesson is that effective outsiders could sell Scientology.

It takes decades, maybe never, to finally recognize what's being sold is pseudo-therapy and exorcism quackery though. But even that can be sold, if marketed right.

So, sadly, the Jeff era marketing era, even though it might have resulted in increased membership, what gained that membership.

Not the Hubbard quackery results but the marketing gained that upswing. That's something to be sure to take note of.

And, for then Jeff's resume, were Jeff to put on his resume that he was even able to sell Scientology and have caused the largest era of Scientology's growth, would be to Jeff's credit.

Not a Hubbard credit, and nowhere a Miscavige credit.


If ever there are major hindsights to notice, I think the outside legal help, and the outside world marketing help, have bolstered Scientology.

It is not the Hubbard quackery that keeps Scientology booming. But Marketing and Legal, and outside talent, essentially, which keeps Scientology "going."

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Jefferson you are such a crack up! Loved your constructive opposition with marketing advice - very reminiscent of Tory and Andreas’s helpful exchange...I hope those Org staff see a similar humility, albeit with a more mischievous approach 🤣.

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