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Movie needed of Paulette's life, truly, truly.

Gosh Paulette speaks so clearly, she communicates so well, and Tony, you too communicate so clearly, explain things so well.

Really, a movie, but the real Paulette, hearing her speak and explain, is better than a movie ever could be.

BEST interview and Paulette is so wonderful to hear explain, such incredible explaining.

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I read Paulette's "Secrets of Scientology" years after I got out, and was blown away. I'd read it once on the internet, it's on Prof Dave Touretzky's site "Secret Library of Scientology" when I first quit.

I knew of the book inside the Sea Org, in the OSA computer servers which I was nightly "backing up" the OSA servers, is a copy of the text, never read it, but knew that ex Guardian's Office people in Sea Org were proud to be working doing Hubbard's orders to destroy her. I briefly heard some of the black PR on her, and I thought, "so what" that the supposed bad stuff on her did not at all match up with her being bad, she still was totally good as a journalist, nothing even inside when I was in, sounded like she was evil, etc.

Anyways when I read it the second time, I got a copy from the library in Pittsburgh, they still had a copy and I read the hardback from the library.

Now I'm buying a new paperback, from the internet, just for posterity.

Paulette is so wonderful to listen to, she's the best, and Tony is similar, so clear in explaining things.

She's a wonder. A true wonder of humanity.

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Ms. Cooper is such a fascinating subject. I'm glad that she has been living her best life despite Scientology's evil efforts.

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