Jon did decades of things that have become normal practice when going up against devious Hubbard's Scientology directed nastiness.

Jon's every interview has tidbits I've never heard before, he's truly been there done that in detail.

Tony, your interview podcasts deliver so much.

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Excellent summary overviews from Tony, I hope Tony gets interviewed about Mike's book, as Tony gets things so well overall.

Must listen to interview, just to also get Tony's excellent take of what's new from Mike's book.

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You guys mentioned the one thing that really jaw-dropped me throughout the whole book - the way Mike was there at nearly every impactful bit of this very specific history. I can't imagine I'm the first to make the comparison, but the whole Odyssey of his book has made me see him as the Forrest Gump of scientology. Just kinda happening to be there at every moment that eventually turns out to have been an incredibly formative one. Yeah, he took a proactive hand in a lot of the later ones, but it's still a delightful mental image. Maybe Tom Cruise can play him in the movie one day.

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Shame the ignorance of the serious media, that's about all one can do.

Shame them for their superficial shoddy coverage of Scientology.

Good on VICE at least.

Maybe Tony, someone ought do a "Media Report Card" type of column on major media's shoddy Scientology superficial coverage.

Jon if he had some helpers, could edit the column, and you too, senior editor.

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Excellent podcast! I love hearing about this deplorable nonsense that we call Scientology and Jon and Tony tease out the fluff from the cracks. Guffing the fluff, no less.

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