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First off, Tony, you are an excellent interviewer. You listen very well, and sufficiently explain things to the uninitiated without interrupting.

Secondly, this was an AMAZING interview. Claire is so articulate and measured in her speaking. That alone makes for easy listening. But she also shared some really interesting facts I did not know about Tom Cruise and other things.

I am delighted for Marc and Claire and the life that they have built since they left all the while able to maintain their integrity.

Thank you Tony. Keep up the good work.

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That was even better than I could have hoped. Just when you think Claire has no new bombshells to reveal...

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Tony, Claires lovely picture and your introduction are missing on substack.

You said:

"We were stunned by some of the things Claire told us, things we’ve never heard about Tom Cruise and Scientology, and we think you’ll find this an hour very much worth your time."

Yes. I've been in and around Scientology since May 74 - frickin 48 years and yup,

stunning. Tom is as mind f**ked by L Ron Blubberd as the rest of us were.

Scientology enables his worst personality traits. Most grow up, realize and drop these self-serving unsocial traits. Not Tom. He never grew up. His normal growth was stunted by this very dangerous 'self-help' group.

Beware folks.

Don't let your friends fall in.

Guaranteed to produce OCD.

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Dynamite interview!

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I used to think Katie was the air head.

Not true.

Tom was and is the galactic level air head.

Brilliant summary by Tony at the end, and comments back and forth with Claire.

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Another backfiring aspect of Tom's "religion" Scientology is that Tom Cruise trained to become the quack pseudo-therapist Scientology "auditor" role, and practiced the Hubbard quackery on Marc Headley. Marc was Tom's guinea pig for Tom's quack therapist training.

So in fact, this is a despicable failure of Tom's "training" to be the orthodox practitioner of the Hubbard quackery, if Tom's prime guinea pig later sues Scientology and writes the hilarious dreadful book "Blown For Good" which dissects the Scientology leader's horrible effects on the top of Scientology.

Things just could not be worse if one's guinea pig later writes a book exposing one's quackery subject and sues that subject also.

Tom Cruise's batting average as an orthodox practitioner of Scientology is dismal.

But, I have to cut everyone, including Tom, slack in this though.

Because all of Scientology is quackery, no one ought be blaming too hard the current or past participants, even those steadfast ones hanging in there today. All involved, all staffs, all members, everyone's all being taken, and some, like Tom Cruise, is just not cognizant of how to retreat and get his head on straight about Scientology's ridiculous presence in the world.

Tom like all other faithful quacks of the Scientology quackery, are due to fail, it just takes time for some of the most luxuriously propped up Scientologists to see it's a scam and quackery cult, and it takes them longer to see it.

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22 minutes in: drink 🍸 with ice stirring with a glass rod sound 🤣

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In a nutshell, Tom Cruise cannot be the brightest light around, and this interview opens up why.

a) Tom Cruise failed auditing Marc Headley, and Marc and Claire later sue Scientology, and Marc writes a book. Bad result on Tom's part for sure!

b) Tom Cruise gets the all important confidential secret Scientology exorcism procedures done on Tom by Marty Rathbun who later turns into arguably the greatest traitor in Scientology's history. Another horrible turnout for Tom's orthodox exorcism done on him, Tom got the Scientology exorcism by the highest level traitor ever.

c) Tom's first wife's dad was a great traitor also to Scientology, but Tom's second and third dad's in law were even more looked down upon by Scientology/Hubbard mentality. Tom has racked up so many major twisted about experiences, which a normal person would have long ago bolted out of Scientology had they experienced.

d) Tom offers to beat up David Miscavige's managers who Miscavige blames for hindering Scientology's progress.

Tom can't see any of this, he's absolutely lower than an air head. He's a natural for Scientology cheer-leadership.

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53:20 Tom offers to come be the thug and beat up managers who were sabotaging Scientology. So David Miscavige said to RTC staffers.

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There is an L. Ron Hubbard Scientology writing, a policy writing, which disallows government security officials from becoming Scientologists.

Meaning no FBI nor CIA employees can ever become Scientologists and receive Scientology religious services in a Scientology organization.

Angles why this is ludicrous, is that countries around the world, all their security services, their FBI and CIA services, likewise, cannot ever become Scientologists.

It's a positive for all countries.

It's a huge strange oddity about the Scientology subject.

It is a long range losing strategic problem of L. Ron Hubbard's making, which leaves Scientology long range at odds with all countries internationally.

For critics and exposers of Scientology, this of course is a good thing, and for all humans who ought to stay away from Scientology quackery, it's a good thing also.

If you want a church that hates the US Justice Dept, hates the FBI, hates the CIA, so much so that those govt security agencies are disallowed from being Scientologists, then Scientology is your "church."

Scientology/Hubbard's disqualification requirements in fact turn out to be bright signposts of why never waste a dime and spend zero time in Scientology.

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Miscavige makes up new rules on the fly. Claire was in a true Catch-22 situation. I'm so glad she's out and happy.

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19:00 Michael Doven admits stuff about Cruise to Claire.

23:20 Even though Cruise adamantly demanded his "sessions" with Marty were not recorded, they still secretly recorded them! Cruise probably doesn't know this. I wonder if Tom's PR consultant(s) advisors listen to this podcast and hear this!

Another huge aspect is that Marty, traitor to Scientology, was Cruise's "minister", you couldn't ask for worse to have had Marty as your chief minister while you did all the exorcism steps of upper secret Scientology.

(Again, due to Scientology being total quackery, all who do it, traitors and heroes alike, are all doing quackery so no worries, really, when the quackery fails, and no worries since quackery is an equal opportunity provider. All all who practise and receive Scientology quackery will equally be shat on.)

Two salient points: 1) Tom audited Marc Headley (Marc turned SP and wrote a book, sued Scientology), 2) Tom was given the exorcism levels of Scientology by Marty, who was the top gun "terminator" supreme traitor against Scientology in recent decades.

Tom's not had a winning life as a "top gun" Scientologist practitioner or receiver of the Hubbard quackery, which despite the traitors, the quackery is the most fundamental traitor to anyone doing the Scientology quackery. Thank L. Ron Hubbard for that.

26:00. Tom Cruise's needle was not floating, Claire couldn't indicate it was floating, oops! (So many layers of BS here, won't go into it, but realize it is ALL bogus bunk, and floating needles while they might indicate something, they get used to endorse the quackery's success, when there is NO merit to the quackery to applaud it electronically with a floating needle, and Scientologists always always miss the fundamental that the Emeter gizmo has been inserted into Scientology to damn the practitioners, and damn the recipients of the quackery, when always at root, Hubbard's quackery is the correct condemnable root of what is horribly wrong with Scientology.)

32:20. Claire explains some insider tidbits of Cruise's handlers history, the effects on Connor and Isabella Cruise's lives.

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Tom Cruise is irreligiously vain and no role model for anyone, that's for sure. He really ought to have better remained, and today revert to, Catholicism. He's a horrible role model for anything, and his Scientology slanted activities have done him no better.

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I love that Moxie Magee’s Bunker theme song is being used! 💗💗💗

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I love Claire and Mark Headley!!! I agree 100% with Claire and how Tom Cruise is promoting this terrible group!!! Thank you Claire and Tony for all you do!!

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My son has been using music from TC movies in his TikToks. He was 1 when I escaped. He knows basically nothing of what happened to me while in. After watching a few, I finally sent him a text telling him “You keep playing music from douche canoe Tom Cruise movies. FWIW, I would chew off my own leg to not watch one of his movies.”

I have sent him the burlwood post and this podcast. Thanks Tony and Claire.

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