Pete podcast! Podcast Pete! It's a podcast... With Pete!

Can you tell I'm excited?

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Pete did the drill, got trained to be the one man band and run a mission, did the basic "OCA test" promotion.

It's why Scientology "works", there are capable people who have their own skill they bring to the table, and make these Scientology organizations "work" even despite the shady Hubbard administrative regulations.

It's a massive shuffling wishful thinking newcomers along, stringing them out, for years, there's always a Hubbard shady but strictly laid out administrative "answers" to all eventualities, and skillful staff can shuffle the wishful thinking newbies along.

It's a huge long stretched out system, this Hubbard system and only works with capable staff, who themselves were wishful thinking in the extreme and above average at running the Hubbard little ships.

Pete's are who made Scientology run, and still make it run. The Hubbard quackery pseudo-therapy and exorcism, and dodging, let everyone down.

Xenu and body-thetans are the only magic in Scientology, they are the taboo backfiring words which Hubbard shackled Scientologists with taboos to even define the upper secret practices.

Scientologists cannot define publicly Xenu and body-thetans. These two taboo words help define why Scientology has to engage is so much required exorcism. And Scientology cannot even admit they are doing exorcism.

Scientology's snafu 24/7/365/decade by decade. The hardest working most capable staff aren't let in on Xenu and body-thetans and the OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 exorcism that such a minority of the Scientologists ever reach the exorcism levels.

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