Patty's in this great French TV doc.

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Aug 13, 2022·edited Aug 14, 2022

Patty's "SP Parties" helped change history.

She invited lawyers, professors, and ideas percolated. Then writers, and you Tony!

Bold and brash, and she's also in a French TV special, which is online, a Tom Cruise TV show.

And she was like a protective lion mama over those of us who stumbled onto ARS, and ensured some of us didn't get eaten alive by the OSA trolls who were bizarre on old ARS nonstop.

Dave Touretzky is the smartest human I ever met, just so smart. Dave saw when things began to slow down, he quipped about maybe needing a new chew toy. The old guard ARS critics noticed the decline of Scientology years ahead of everyone.

It is so reassuring to have smart outsiders speak up about Scientology.

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AnonymousAug 14, 2022


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