Jane Doe 1 - 10 to 2 for acquittal. So sad.

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Such a scumbag, POS and his friends, that helped to cover up these crimes. He repeatedly drugged and raped these women and whoever hasn’t come forward. These crimes are unforgivable. The only thing worse would be murder.

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Why didn't Damian Perkins testify? Corroboration is excellent evidence, That 10-2 vote might have gone very differently if Perkins had testified. If Muller actually retries, Perkins must get on the witness stand.

Tony, this is an excellent catch, how did you find this and are there other such evidence that didn't make the trial? Damian's story would make a nice set of Bunker postings.

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Aarrgghh... How did he not testify? I want to know more, Tony.

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Damian not reporting the incidents, not believing in a million years that Masterson did the assault, not believing Jane do 1 that she was assaulted, not reporting it, is all because of the Scientology factor. If the Scientology factor is not allowed in court, then you have no solid ground to convince the jury.

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Dec 2, 2022·edited Dec 2, 2022

Something for the retrial then possibly.

I wonder what other lawyers think of this point.

Perkins seems like the best friend in that crowd that night, and afterwards. Praise to him.


The ruffies giving out by whomever, and if it were Masterson, and how'd he get the drugs, who in that crowd knew of it, etc, that's a whole can of worms which relates, but cannot be in the trial in detail.

IF there were Scientologists, and drugs were among them, for the alleged rapes, then again, Celebrity Centre Scientologists might have heard about the drug use by the others, if someone got those drugs for Masterson, etc. There would be something in the Ethics folders and cases folders, and there'd be paperwork for that, in Celebrity Centre.

The Celebrity Centre Master at Arms (Ethics Officer) must be a can of worms, all the things he's read. From Perkins' deposition, the Celebrity Centre Master at Arms (Ethics Officer) clearly was editing the members' use of words. I'm curious where the Master at Arms got his training, and who he reports to, honestly, and I wish a DSA/OSA person who heard all the info, would become helpful to the prosecution and tell how Scientology kept a lid on all the various details that point to felonies.

The DSA/OSA person(s) over Celebrity Centre, I've not heard them mentioned and any interaction over the decades. But the DSA/OSA people have jobs to "handle" getting the followers to edit how they describe their misbehaviors in ways not to be blatantly felonies in their paperwork and follower talk.

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Oh, that's sickening. Jane was literally screaming to her friends for help as she was being dragged back up the stairs by her rapist.

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Was his testimony not allowed because of the ban on specific mentions of the druggings? It would be difficult to separate that from his whole experience of it, but that's what lawyers.... you know.... do. For a job. Every day.

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What a spineless jerk. He did nothing to help her.watched her being dragged upstairs kicking and screaming and does nothing. She is supposed to be his friend?

He saw it all happen and did nothing to help and laughed.

What a worthless scumbag.

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Did someone say they're making trouble?

Just as bullies never get far without malice & a sewer full of enablers, whistleblowers never win without trouble & a bunker's worth of supporters. Friggin' weary of this 2 steps forward, 1 back journey out of ignorance of cults and arrogance of bias.

Watcha gonna do though, sit down and shut up? Looking back at all those troublemakers who sacrificed everything, knowing they did so counting on us to take it to the finish line, the answer to Danny Masterson, his enablers, Miscavige and his Scientology enablers is still - Hell No!


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