'$cientology", the very word is now anathema . At least neither candidate shilled for NAMBLA.

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I just made a video on Mayoral candidate Karen Bass in tight race against Rick Caruso.

Both identify as Democrat.

Karen Bass's collaboration with Scientology is being aired with a scathing expose on Scientology criminality

on CNN and FOX...possibly other networks.

Cult of Scientology shill Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Karen Bass


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It’ll be so interesting to see how that sentiment translates into their term, whoever wins. I recently contacted a federal minister in Australia who had denounced Scientology publicly, prior to the federal election. His response to me after the election was a pivot to a flaccid stance where his only agreement was that - yes, he agrees Scientology is a rancid scam, but that it was declared a valid religion and there’s essentially nothing that can be done. He ignored the specifics and just stated that his staff and government are continuing to ‘see what they can do’. So big words prior to the votes, little words once his term was secured.

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The Catholic Church has had to pay billions of dollars for its sexual abuse of children and for its helping pedophiles escape the jurisdiction when their hideous crimes became known. Nonetheless, Caruso has given millions of dollars to support Catholic institutions. It would be religious bigotry to run a TV ad about the millions of dollars Caruso gave to Catholic causes and then highlight headlines about priests' raping young boys and the Church then moving them to countries without extradition treaties with the US. Rick Caruso is reprising the Father Charles Coughlin role but instead of targeting Jews, his bigotry is against Scientolgists as a religion and not against the bad actors within the religion. Father Coughlin and Rick Caruso are religious bigots.

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