Poor Shawn, in over her head because she has two cases.🙄

I’m impressed with the rapid response and the “church” in the response. Although Judge Olmedo is no dummy, it is great that the other side immediately stated the obvious: she didn’t need to get up to speed, she’s been working on this case for quite some time, in a meaningful way.

Judge Olmedo asked if the date would be a problem at the hearing when they substituted, requested that they clear their calendars, then all of a sudden this scheduling conflict appears.

At the end of my career before I retired, I worked at a small law firm. One of the attorneys in our office agreed to a date without checking his calendar or calling to verify it was free. He had a trial in the adjoining courtroom the same day. The Judge refused to reschedule the hearing based on the fact that the attorney said he was free at that time so he was forced to take a break in the trial to go to the hearing.

You don’t tell a Judge you’ll be free then say “whoops just kidding”. An arbitration is usually less important than a trial anyway, especially one that is going on for months.

This motion and the appropriate immediate response by Jane Doe I makes me wish my husband didn’t have previously scheduled surgery for the day Judge Olmedo will take this up. I would actually buy a plane ticket and fly out to be present at what I really hope will be a smack down.

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Aug 5, 2022·edited Aug 5, 2022

Obfuscate, lie, and throw in a few head fakes, that is the $cieno playbook. But Shawn Holley has so much business that she can't handle 2 clients at one time and she is not a $cientologist. I wonder who is 'helping' her with the Masterson case? I hope the judge smacks this request down and demands that Holley submits an accounting of the time she spends on each and every other case she is handling.

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They mention the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology! Now, the Co$ lawyers have no choice but to demand a delay while their letter to the Supreme Court to have the criminal trial removed is written and replied to. Because “church”

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