“The defense put on the record the mayoral campaign, the negative ads, during voir dire. But court is aware there are a number of Scientology ads airing on mainstream TV, Scientology is putting out ads of a positive nature, so there have been ads that are both negative and positive.” Boom

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from a report in Deadline:

"Later in the afternoon today, CB said the breaking point for her was a 2001 event at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, where Masterson was yelling “sexual things, degrading things” at Jennifer Esposito. The supposed screaming by the actor to his Dracula 2000 co-star resulted in Masterson getting “beaten up” by the actress’ husband “out on Sunset,” according to CB.

CB left Masterson and went off with a friend to talk about what had happened, and how “it wasn’t OK.” When the couple did meet up at home, an enraged Masterson called her “white trash” and other derogatory names."


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