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Excellent court room coverage.

I loved the "You're confusing me" from the victim.


Made me interpret this coverage of Cohen, to be in sync with what Jeffrey Augustine noticed, of Cohen being "sloppy" the other day in questioning, so that during these confusing bits in today's questioning, the questioning is confusing to the victim. It's like almost seemingly intentional, on Cohen's part, to have been doing sloppy questioning, or warm up confusing sloppy questioning, that led up to today's confusing questioning.

It's still hard to picture and try to hear what actually Cohen's questioning is like, but it at times seems sloppy, not precise, and confusing, almost by intention, to help mess with the victim being questioned.

I hate this type of crap, if this is true.

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He is going somewhere with his line of questions, I guess only time will tell us where!!

Thanks Tony

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I think he thinks he's very clever, repeatedly asking her what she said to whom and when, repeatedly asking her when her memories were clear, and how they can be clear now if they weren't when the incidents were more recent. He thinks this makes her sound like a liar. But it's backfiring, if these transcripts are any indication of how Olmedo is reacting to it.

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Oh, Mr. Cohen. So far, you don't seem to be worth what they are paying for you.

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