I'm here thanks to Aaron Smith-Levin referring to your work many times and in such positive terms.

I'm an American woman, despite my avatar photo, who's lived in Italy for decades and have missed SO MUCH about Scientology. My uncle and aunt became members of scientolgy in the late 1950s, early 60s. The rest of the family was appalled. Over the years, they gave millions to CoS, back when "millions" meant big money. My uncle even coerced my father to open a barreling plant of their petroleum additives business, in Clearwater. I'd spend a month of every summer there, starting when I was little, in about 1963. We'd gossip about scientolgy at home and I once scared myself to death while looking for the bathroom at my aunt and uncle's house, when I opened a closet door by mistake and found an e-meter sitting on a shelf in front of my face. I was so scared that I went running out of their house and never went back. I was about 7 or 8 years old, so the e-meter still gives me the creeps!! 😂

Sorry for my super long first comment! I'm so glad I've found your blog and your YT channel and have spent the past few days catching up on posts and videos.

Thanks very much for everything you do to expose these people!! Oh! Yikes! I forgot the most important part - when my aunt got sick with something mild when I was a kid, the CoS told her to take MASSIVE doses of some vitamin that I don't remember because I was a kid. She died. The autopsy said that these massive doses of vitamins were responsible for causing her death. I don't know whether this is the case or not, but my uncle firmly believed the autopsy, but he DID NOT leave scientology, and in fact, he was on an OT Level (don't know which) when he died in the early 1990s.

Thanks again and ciao!! 🙂

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How pissed off is Miscavige that he had a new tv ad put out and put on the air? Did some of the LA Clams get pissed off too and they paid for the ad? The $cienoverse lost all 'good' PR when DM killed Lisa McPherson and then South Park put a big nail in that coffin too. Throw in all the cleb exs that have testified about the Clam Scam and yes, Ebola Coated Kiddie Porn enjoys more 'likes' than the Clampire.

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FWIW, we actually had a District Court Judge sanction and fine an attorney who would not quit submitting briefs after being told to back down. If the Judge was leaning in their favor before, they are pushing him away from ruling for them.

The ruling in the case I am talking about, when the Judge finally issued it, addressed the insistent filings by the other side and thanked them for forcing him to review the matter in more detail. He stated that their briefs only served to make him wonder what they were trying to cover up and, good Judge that he was, he dug through every pleading in the case and discovered what was going on. Our side won summary judgment.

I have no desire to school an attorney who is busy digging their own grave, but every time they file something unasked, I have more hope he will rule against them. Don’t poke the rattlesnake.

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“She then asked him if he was there working for Scientology, and he refused to answer.” Hmmm. So, yes.

The ad is really lame. He tells people to take a look for themselves. Like they are really only going to look at scientology tv🙄😂 when investigating.

As for Haggis trial. I may sound callous here, but the allegations sound a little, shall we say, underwhelming to deem it necessary to testify anonymously.

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