I have been thinking the same thing as Opinionist. I have been reading Tony's court reports and am stunned, shocked and horrified at what these women went through and with someone who I enjoyed watching as an actor on 'That 70's Show', which just makes me feel nauseous now.

I'm trying to understand how his wife, his wife's two sisters, his mother and female siblings are able to show up and support him especially with all 3 women sharing similar experiences.

I'm also surprised that Mackenzie Phillips is in court showing support after what she went through with her dad. As the other person commented in their post, 'Do they not see it? Do they really think he's innocent in all of this? Does his mother not see or understand what her son did to these women? How can she not?' Then again, I understand that Scientologists think differently than people with a conscience and a heart so perhaps this is why they may think that he didn't do anything wrong? Or, they're putting up a united front, but deep down they know that their husband, son, brother and brother-in-law crossed the line and did wrong?

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