Of course Masterson won’t testify. He’s a Scientologist. Never defend (always attack).

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You think Olmedo reads The Underground Bunker?

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Nov 14, 2022·edited Nov 14, 2022

This short read has a lot to unpack.

Cohen is talking about specific jury instructions, ones which *could* make a huge difference in sentencing. The court went over them on Nov 7th.

Here are a few that Olmedo listed and a mini description of what they mean:

3500: Unanimity (All jurors must agree.)

3501: Unanimity: When Generic Testimony of Offense Presented (Multiple offenses presented, Jury must agree guilt on all, OR guilt on one offense must be agreed upon by all Jurors.)

3502: Unanimity: When Prosecution Elects One Act Among Many (Guilty only if Jury agrees offense committed at a time and place.)

3515: Multiple Counts (Separate crimes, separate verdicts.)

3517: Deliberations and Completion: For Use When Lesser/Greater Crimes (If guilty of lesser crime but not greater crime, defendant may not be charged for both.)

And one which relates to evidence of the timing of a crime:

207: Proof Need Not Show Actual Date (People not required to prove exact time)

In order for a 'Rape by Force, Fear, or Threats', the jury must find 1> intercourse 2> no consent 3> accomplished by force. Cohen is hoping some of these jury instructions will limit how many of these charges can be applied to each offense.

Tony, please do a podcast on California's One Strike Law to explain why this morning session is a big deal.

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closes his eyes, spins around, and then chooses whatever suit he happens to select. I about choked on my sandwich. That is hilarious

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Coen to not call Anyone he must think this is a slam dunk for him. A public defender could do better.

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Do you get to know why they need to replace a juror?

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