“…'phone 'em up and say, 'I am investigating Mr/Mrs .......... for criminal activities as he/she has been trying to prevent Man's freedom and is restricting my religious freedom and that of my friends and children, etc“

Hubbard in 1966 sounds a lot like DeSantis in 2023.

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So, the lawyers for the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology are throwing a hissy fit over the details of a resolution that made sense to the judge. Because of easily established facts.

How very predictable. It’s almost like Graham invited the lawyers to overreact. And they took the bait.

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"So naturally, they’re reaching back into their same old playbook." I guess on line trolls don't cut the mustard anymore. I wonder what Blosser really thinks about his new employers? I bet that he only thinks about the paycheck and how to keep himself out of court.

Graham Berry for the win. You strike fear into the Diminutive Dark Lord. Not many people can do that. HIp Hip Horray for Graham!!!

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Regarding John Blosser and his ilk, with all the documented damning information regarding the Scientology organization who would work for them? Tony hit the nail on the head. “Bottom of the barrel”. Willful ignorance is not an excusable disease.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

It's 2023, and these yahoos who work in and/or for the "church" of scientology obviously lack a moral/ethical compass and apparently don't care that their employer is an ignorant, mean, very tiny sociopath...with a reputation that rivals, or is even WORSE than, that of the WORST pedophiles, serial killers, rapists, and dictators.

I can't fathom the depth of delusion, the intensity of cognitive dissonance, the intensity of intellectual attenuation, and/or the profundity of self-loathing that any OSA(Office of Special Affairs) employee sits in as he/she reads this blog and reports on its content to her "senior" whilst believing that doing so is a contributing to a "crusade" to save the planet...It's absurd and utterly sad.

Where is Shelly? Where is Fleet Admiral Bitch Slap? Where is RON; wasn't he supposed to return a couple of decades after he dropped the last flab-sack? Where is that "army" of (millions of) scienbollocky volunteer ministers? Where is the brown-suited, thesaurus-humping, rue canoe captain now? Where is that MAGA-dress-wearing Trump groupie now? Where are all of the wildly popular, overflowing-with-new-parishoner-orgs? When will Bomb Snooze, Big Bean Numero Dos, publicly answer questions about scientology? How about Jorm Revolta? Nancy Cartwright? Elisabeth Moss?

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It's awesome that so many are learning how Scientology, oops accidently opens 'side doors' which allows truth to prevail. John Blosser may just find himself "fired by Scientology."

Thank you for outing Blosser's unscrupulous manipulations as he tries to get interviewees into his trap. To weave lies for Scientology or anyone is despicable.

Wishing Graham Berry all success as he stands up to Scientology and its minions.

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"Hi I'm Chuck, and I work for the "International Citizens Against Scientology's Sleazy Smearing of their So Called Enemies." and I'd like to ask a few questions. Okay?"

"Has any journalist for Freedom Magazine contacted you asking questions which might seem to smear a particular person? "

"Has anyone explained the Xenu story to you? No. Then here it is, and here's what I suggest you say next time someone asks smearing questions about someone else, and they say they are from the Freedom Magazine. "

"Ask that journalist to in turn be sure to ask Scientology a) Is it true Xenu caused the Wall of Fire? b) Is it true Xenu dumped spiritually messed up spirits onto earth which infest all humans today and that Scientology is the only group on earth with effective exorcism to remove these spirits off of humans? Are these spirits known as body-thetans, pronounced BODY THAY TONS?"

Give the Freedom Journalists plenty of Xenu theory to report back to Scientology.

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Sugg and Blosser. The lowest of the low.

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