I can't wait to read Mike's book though I've probably heard most of it before.

About "Taryn's" postings: I strongly doubt she knows what OSA is posting in her name. Meanwhile it's all been disproven by the actual Sheriff department's investigation at the time, along with the EMT's reports detailing the "incidental contact" and "mom's" refusal to have any medical treatment, since she is said to be in excruciating pain as a result, with a picture of bandages as fake as a 2.50 dollar bill. It's SO sad that she can't ever see her dad as long as she's in scientology. Hopefully the evil fiefdom Davey's carved out for himself will dissipate like a foul odor in a high wind and there will be no scientology to keep her from having an open honest relationship with a pretty great guy to have as a Dad from what I can see.

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A lovely book about a not so lovely thing: Scientology.

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I've been listening to Mike's book since it was released yesterday. Mind. Blowing. Thank you for taking the time to review the book. :)

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Google tells me that the 'proper' gift for a 10th anniversary is something made of tin or aluminum. In keeping with Lroon's guidance, I have asked Ebay to send Tony an aluminum frying pan. Now, if only I can find an aluminum comb and a silver cat.

There are always going to be people who want more info on past OSA operations, I am one of them. But in the meantime, I await Mike's book tour and it would be so nice to see him on one or all of the late night talk shows. And maybe he can do some local TV stations too. Boise Idaho is waiting for you Mike.

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Thanks for the synopsis.

I am currently reading the book, as I have with most, if not all books written by those who escaped. The unfortunate common theme is regret. But then, those of us who have escaped who have not written a book share the same regret to have been suckered in to it. We also regret the things things which we said and did and the ways we acted while under the mind control of the cult that I sincerely believe we otherwise would not have done.

I will post a review on Apple and Amazon when I finish the book.

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Thank you for the thorough review of Mike's new book. Sounds interesting and I'm sure writing this book has been a cathartic experience for Mike. You mentioned me specifically in your review in that you thought maybe I'd be left wondering for more. I'll just say this. Before Marty wrote his book, he and I met in Chicago for lunch and we talked about as many things as we could in the short amount of time we had. At the end he asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to know about the operations that he and Mike Rinder had run against me and my answer was no, I didn't have any questions. I lived it, I experienced it and I'm sure there are a million details I missed but I'm pretty sure I got the idea having been on both sides of the game. There is no way in hell I am going to read this book. When I wrote my book I sent Mike a copy and asked him for comment. I never heard back from him. Mike has had plenty of time to give me a call to talk and he never has so I'm sure not going to run out and buy his book to find out anything about myself. I wish him well. The Scientology experience is intense not matter who you are or where you've been. Mike is no friend of mine.

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Sep 28, 2022·edited Sep 28, 2022

I always think, it's L. Ron Hubbard who made the scam Scientology mess, that staff played their Hubbard proscribed roles, dumping on each other, dumping on "enemies" of Scientology, etc.

Hubbard's the Scientology Hitler. Everyone who came along helping Hubbard dish out the Scientology scam and the hideous Hubbard institutionalized abuse and fair gaming, have to apologize and make up for that however is appropriate.

The OSA department dished out a huge load widely on a lot of people, so many, that the PIs hired ought to come out the shadows.

Mike could out the PIs, out the OSA staff who liaised and ensured the PIs did their targets.

The OSA "Handling Programs" are the paper trail, and the nasty stuff OSA did, those files need to be exposed, exposing what OSA does.

A separate book on OSA is truly deserved.

Mike could help get that done somehow by either himself or any researchers who wish to expose the Hubbard, again it all goes back to Hubbard, doctrines that continue to make OSA do it's nasty job today.


Hubbard's writings that make OSA do nasty things today, needs a book, and that book has to get into the hands of PI firms, lawyers, who need to understand who they are working for.

I've just started Mike's book, audio and reading, both, but from the review, and from a quick leafing through the book, the settling of the damage during Mike's years as OSA chief likely is so extensive, he ought to reach out like Jesse said didn't happen to Jesse.

But again, it is Hubbard. To get the message out to society about Hubbard's permanently rooted evil that OSA carries out, needs to be spelled out, Hubbard quoted, and ample episodes of ruinous abuse dished out by OSA onto "enemies" of Scientology needs laying out.

Mike really hopefully does a second book, just on OSA. OSA is Hubbard. My greatest wrath as an ex Scientology career staffer goes to Hubbard.

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