Thanks for keeping us informed Tony! It’s been a treat to see the twinkle in your eye as you report the weekday videos—they’re a real treat—and your expressive nature brings things to life for us.

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Re the question from the jury:

The judge should have said more than "The attorneys' closing arguments are not evidence, and any demonstrative charts not previously entered are not evidence."

The jury's question referred to the following 5-paragraph statement in Cohen's closing:

"In talking about this concept of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. (Shows a chart) It goes through the stages about how you're feeling about the evidence in this case.

It goes from the bottom, proven not guilty. And remember, Ms. Goldstein and I could have done nothing and not asked a single question. The presumption of innocence starts there. And it goes up the ladder. He may be guilty, maybe not. If that's the mindset, it's not even close to proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

You then work your way up the ladder. You think he may be guilty. The women took the stand, they all said he raped them. I think he maybe, possibly may be guilty. You know that requires? A not guilty verdict.

Up the ladder: He's probably guilty. But that means nothing. Up the ladder. His guilt is highly likely. Again, that requires a not guilty verdict.

It is only if you get to an abiding conviction, the most compelling, the most thorough feeling I could have, that that man is guilty is of what he's charged that -- that, and only that, is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Regardless of what you may think of anyone in this trial."

The judge should have said something on the order of... "The defense attorney outlined "stages" of guilt which are NOT recognized by this or any other court. These are the "opinions" of the defense attorney, solely, and are not to be considered evidence, a gauge of evidence, or a degree of the defendant's guilt."

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Thanks so much, Tony. You are truly the next best thing to being there.

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I’m frustrated that they ended so soon. I’ve never seen a jury that has been late like this one. Kinda disrespectful to well, everyone. Hope that isn’t an attitude they take up while deliberating.

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