I like the arguments about criminal activities involving an organisation with “church” in the title are not protected by the 1st amendment. Defendant David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige won’t be pleased, but that’s just the way Xenu crumbles the cookies.

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The phrase 'unmerited credibility' applies perfectly to the $cienoverse. The judge gets it and Masterson has been legally grabbed by the short hairs and will have to answer for his crimes. I wonder how much Xanax Danny has on hand?

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I wouldn’t say this piece is “too long.” I would say this piece is thorough and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Great job (as always!)

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Tony IS the reporting source for all the articles I searched in just one day. There were 10 articles just yesterday! Every one pointed to Tony and most said so.

So there. Glad to have the straight scoop Tony. Thank you so much for your 10 years of daily reporting about scientology and your 15 years before that.

I don't know how I would have gotten scientology out of my head without you ❤️

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The defense has already thrown Scientology’s reputation under the bus. Miscavige must be raging around the clock at this point.

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The argument about “putting Scientology on trial” isn’t really about the wogs being sufficiently bigoted not to give Masterson a fair and honest trial.

There are two trials at play here. Beyond trial-by-law there is also trial-by-media, which has been the deadly sword used by the metoo movement to scalp famous individuals previously considered untouchable. There are also echos of how the Catholic Church was humbled by its own scandals resulting in nothing less than the unthinkable resignation of the Pope.

So basically Scientology is worried this trial is going to turn into a media circus and a PR clusterfuck. The media will put Scientology on trial and they will share the same verdict as Masterson.

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Wow. I keep repeating myself, but this is great coverage, Tony, and yes, this judge did her homework and clearly is not intimidated by Scientology one way or another. She's not afraid to do her job! Imagine that.

No doubt Masterson is showing up because his lawyers have told him to do so even though not required. That's no doubt to fight the perception that Scientology is sending its cadre of lawyers to "handle this". Yeah, he should be worried.

No matter your background or socioeconomic status, people who are serial rapists do not just stop or get better. There are so many examples of this. Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby are some who just come to top of mind. Insulated for too long by their privilege.

I'm glad Danny Masterson is being called to account and I look forward to getting the in depth report here.

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Scientology follows the Hubbardian premise, "If it works once keep doing it."

Masterson's lolyers are following that, only this time I am enjoying it a lot because, despite their tactics working in their favor in the past, it ain't working for them this time.

Demand of delays, trying to draw out the timeline. Like, "Oh, I have to go work for some sportsball figure so I can't do this case at the moment."

Demands that Scn cannot be mentioned.

And the most amusing one, "We can't try this now because some idiot politician who was once duped into publicly supporting the cult is being criticized for it in a political campaign."


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“The 1st Amendment embraces two concepts, the freedom to believe and the freedom to act. The freedom to believe is absolute. The freedom to act cannot be absolute as conduct — even religious conduct remains subject to regulation for the protection of society…’

She understands.

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I can’t help but already feel frustrated that this case is going to be appealed to high heaven, and if he’s found guilty and gets to continue to be a free man while these appeals take place I will scream.

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