Ok, if I didn’t believe in a higher power or the idea of manifest destiny I do now. What are the chances that 50 years later I’d meet Sandy at my documentary premiere to find out through Tony’s interview that indirectly my band PEOPLE! helped get Sandy into Scientology through her brother. Hubbard was a huge proponent of DISCONNECTION. One of his biggest most destructive lies. What Tony and other bloggers are doing is forwarding CONNECTIONS which brings about understanding and love. Thanks Sandy and Tony. Great story today.

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Oh wow. I knew Sandy from when I was First Mate on the Apollo, and we became good friends. Sandy is so smart, and eloquent, and as you heard, she tells great stories, and as you saw, she’s got a wonderful smile. Seeing her again made my day. Thanks, Tony--terrific interview ❤️

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Sep 2, 2023·edited Sep 2, 2023

Oh Sandy, how wonderful it was to see you (even though its on video) again. You are such a dear darling friend. BTW - I’m shocked. I didn’t remember that you were on the Bolivar (which was a WWII sub chaser) when I preformed the wedding under the Golden Gate Bridge. Tony would be interested as to who I was marrying that day. (Note: I did not take the Ministers course yet so I guess the couple were never really married. LOL)

Tony, I only found out who the bride was I think after reading your “The Unsinkable Miss Lovely”.

Her name was Paula and after the wedding she and husband were sent to NY to be in the GO.

I believe she is the Paula who was the poisonous so-called friend to Paulette Cooper during the time

the GO was doing everything they could to destroy Paulette’s life.

Sandy, the movie that Ronnie and Mary Sue went to was “Jesus Christ Superstar” They went with the Apollo Stars. We were going and I sent him and Mary Sue and invite. To my surprise they came. We all sat in the balcony. Wow, Jesus Christ and Hubbard in the same room. I believe both were made of Celluloid.

I can’t wait to see the current version of “brothers Broken”. Geoff sent me an early version many months ago to get my opinion. I loved it. I’m so happy that the brothers are back together. I said this many times. I am proud to call Geoff my friend. He is one of the kindest and caring dudes you just love being around.

I’m so looking forward to when you come to Florida to visit Louise as we will also get a chance to see you.

Note to Tony: I was also on the ship before and after Ronnie's Queens Adventure. Yes, it was the same guy. Hubbard was Hubbard.

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Sandy Holeman is a great interview. She spent so much time washing dishes that I bet she had prunie fingers. Her recollections of time on the Apollo and on shore is wonderful. Her take on Miscavige's take over is wonderful.

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Sandy is such a sweetheart. I really loved this conversation, thanks Tony. 💜

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Omfg. I listened to the podcast thinking Sandy was actually an astronaut and only just realized my error 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. That’s what you get for being a non-Scn reader

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