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PODCAST: Apostate Alex says things really got weird on Day 3 of the IAS protest

PODCAST: Apostate Alex says things really got weird on Day 3 of the IAS protest


On Friday, we had a great time checking in with Alex Barnes-Ross after what turned out to be a very successful day protesting Scientology’s IAS gathering at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, England.

But what really seemed to catch Scientologists by surprise is that Alex and some of the other protesters came back for more on both Saturday and Sunday, which they found was not the case in the past.

On Saturday, a smaller crowd of church members arrives dressed in black tie for the Patrons Ball, and on Sunday the locals are invited for a charity concert.

But things really got interesting this time, Alex told us, when they stumbled upon the Scientologists holding an Ideal Org-like grand opening for a new “Qual” building on Sunday.

We think you’ll enjoy hearing Alex explain the strange things that happened next!

Take your choice: Listen to the audio podcast, above, or watch the video version at our YouTube channel, below.

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The Underground Bunker Podcast
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