Thank you to Alex for lifting the voices of those who could not otherwise be heard, with grace and integrity.

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Thanks, Tony for the podcasts with Alex about the protest. Alex did an amazing job. It was really great to watch some of their live streams! The group had a wonderful energy and love how much they annoyed OSA (and little Davey)

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Thank you to each of you who showed up and the thousands that listened into the livestreams.

Something can be done about it.

I showed up for the day at the CCI march. I’ve felt a good inch taller ever since. It’s therapeutic.

And thank you Tony for helping glue together the whole picture 😘

I look forward to Alex’s digging in for facts and figures. What fun 🤩

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Tony and Alex, excellent interview.

The IAS event is one of the premier propaganda tools for continuing to stoke the endorphins necessary for gaslighting cherch members, SO members and staff. What you did Alex, is IMO monumental. You disrupted one of Scientology’s most powerful tools to fund the organization. This is the celebration that strokes the big donor whales. You and the other protesters poked a huge hole in David Miscavige’s biggest scam. Kudos to you all. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+

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Apostate Alex's BTs could take Dave Miscavige's soul?? Hilarious....The Clampire really was not ready for the protesters, even though the protest was widely advertised. I guess no one in the Clampire was allowed to check out this site or any other SPs. That is a total failure of communication. ARC breaks anyone?

I'd send a donation the Rugby club if I can find them on the internet. I guess they just like the scrum involving $cientology.

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First things first, Alex did a great job and they and the protesters handled themselves wonderfully.

Question 1: Is there anyway to find out if Janet is now in the RPF?

Question 2: Unless they were doing it as part of an investigation, isn't it considered a crime (in Sci) for a public to go over and be friendly with the protesters/SPs and take in the anti-Scientoligy stuff?

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