Claire is such a darling. Her answers were precise and simple.

I also don't feel we will have justice for the girls if these few points are not made clear to the jury or anyone hearing the stories. When dealing with scientology there are always 'sides'. It is its' own universe with its inbred rules and beliefs. They truly are in a bubble. Looking outside that bubble for answers and assistance is not an option - not because you are told no but because you know the rules and have agreed with them simply by being a scientologist and you self discipline in only that manner. The thought pathways are so laid down over many years of this only way of thought.

And Tony, thank you for being the great interviewer. I felt like she was in my living room.

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God, I admire Claire so much. And this is purely hypothetical, I'm not actually looking for logic or consistency in any of this nonsense, but since the very first things I started reading about scientology it just struck me as so incongruous that, as thetans are just spirit and can have so many bodies over so much time, how can the whole setup be so deeply, toxically homophobic??? It's just so jarring. Floaty thetans gotta fall in love sometime in trillions of years, right? But if there's a breakdown in communication and they both pick up a human cis male or female body, is it just like, oh nevermind?😵‍💫 These are the stupid, niggling things my brain won't stop chewing on.

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