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PODCAST: Karen de la Carriere on the ‘Ls’ — Scientology’s nuttiest ‘technology’?

PODCAST: Karen de la Carriere on the ‘Ls’ — Scientology’s nuttiest ‘technology’?


On Wednesday, we showed you a new promotional video that Scientology has recently put out that is intended to lure its wealthier members to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida for some arcane practices known as the “L Rundowns.”

We’ve long marveled at how “the Ls” are sold to Scientologists at such high prices — tens of thousands of dollars for each of three rundowns — and that they are separate from the normal progression of courses and auditing levels.

What is in them that is so enticing to wealthy Scientologists?

The Ls are so rarefied, they can only be delivered by Class XII auditors, the most highly trained. And we remembered that we only know one person who was Class XII, and that’s Karen de la Carriere.

For that story on Wednesday, she told us some amazing and bizarre things about the L11 Rundown in particular, and she hinted to us that there was a lot more there.

So for this week’s podcast, we asked Karen to tell us all about the Ls. And wow, this is some of the nuttiest Scientology “technology” ever!

We think you’re going to enjoy this discussion.

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