Never had an L's auditor dope off but had several other auditors start to fall asleep on me. There is a lack of sleep in every level with Sea Org members. When I called out one of my auditors for falling asleep he apologetically (almost) then had to pull my overts or my similar overts; it is always turned back on YOU.

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Aw man, I do beams all the time, finger guns and saying PEW PEW!!!! All this time I could have been paying money for it?!?

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In the beginning...

As you enter the world of Scientology you are given the data point


i.e. a fundamental trait in the Character of Man is his goodness.


In years and years of subsequent SCN travels, the goal is to flush out your EVIL, your BAD,

All of FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN is addressing your overts and transgressions and Evil Purposes,

all sec checks want your crimes and a simple knowledge report written up on you could end up costing you a pretty penny is a new sec check.

Finally after 20,30,40 years you are declared a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, an anti-social personality with no goodness at all ! LOL

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At the time I did L-11, I’d done the original OT levels (through “full OT7”) and had done the “new OT4” and the “new OT5” (which were redundant and boring for me, so I knew I was done with the OT levels). Adding to that, sec-checks were introduced as a requirement prior to the new OT levels but NOT for the L’s. Also, back when I did L-11, it wasn’t as pricey as it is now.

As a side note: I don't doubt Karen's experiences at all. I also don’t remember much of L-11, except it wasn't as off-putting for me as the new levels and I mostly enjoyed it. My auditor was Claire Reppen (a sweetheart), who never dozed off ... may she rest in peace.

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Thank You Karen, your testimony is interesting and a very good look at the actual operation of the $cienoverse.

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"Total Freedom...." to lie, cheat, steal, rape, torture and kill?

Why would anyone ever object to THAT?

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Jan 22, 2023·edited Jan 22, 2023


This is a one of a kind interview.

This is an all time important interview.

The deepest secrets Karen reveals of the Class 12 L Rundowns.

You have no idea what you just made public and by a Class 12.

Truly phenomenal interview, BEST one Karen's ever given, since it is appropo to the Scientology highest and most expensive, and secretive, and theoretically important (ties so many Hubbard quackery highest level stuff) all together.

Just the BEST interview Karen's ever given, on the upper secret quackery theory of Scientology, and by anyone, I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot of the quackery theory.

I've so wished someone would interview and make public an interview with Karen, like this one.

Truly new gems, thankyou so much Karen! The info in this interview is a long term dream of mine, that someone, and Karen is the best one alive to do it, would explain the Ls.

Chuck Beatty

xTeamXenu75to03(mainly in the administrative cult bureaucracy training area of Scientology Sea Org)

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These levels are supposed to be confidential but people don't realize the processes are in the red volumes (technical volumes) as very old policies not used much by lower level SCN's. People (the public) love the L's because they give you a wallop of spirituality but don't require as much work or participation as an OT level. If they work on a person's case, it seems the main benefit is causing the person to exteriorize (operate outside the body) and this is a pretty exciting phenomenon. If these levels do not work (a person cannot be audited on these or doesn't get the gains) then it is a mess because the person cannot receive correction on the levels except from a CL12 and that is lots of money per hour. I have seen it go both ways.

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