What is Cohen's game plan? So far, he has been ineffectual and been careful of the Jane Does testimony and he hasn't tried to abuse them or play the 'what were you wearing' crap. If everything wraps up on Monday or Tuesday, I would expect a guilty verdict.

Nice job Tony and Jeff, you have covered the trial beautifully and brought your expertise to this game. I do hope that you and all the other reporters get your work properly accredited. Now, enjoy the Holiday and have a beer or three.

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I like what Tony and Jeffrey said: both sides think they’re doing well. It seems to me that Cohen isn’t doing well.

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Is there a comprehensive piece of writing on here that explains everything from start to finish? I had heard about this case a while ago but didn’t follow very closely until I read a few days ago the seriousness of the accusations. But I’m having a hard time finding a timeline or an explanation entirely instead of reading 100s of articles and putting it all together piece by piece. Not sure if you’d know the answer but wanted to ask just in case

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Sorry, we've been covering this story almost daily since we first broke it in March 2017. It's hundreds of stories over several years. But the basics are: The rapes occurred 2001-2003 when the Jane Does were Scientologists. They became aware of each other in 2015-2016 and then went to the LAPD. We broke the story in March 2017. In August 2019 the women filed a harassment lawsuit against Scientology and Masterson. Danny was charged criminally in June 2020. There was a preliminary hearing in May 2021 where the three women got to testify for the first time. Trial One was in October/November 2022, and ended in a hung jury. Trial Two was in April/May and ended up with two convictions on forcible rape and the third count was hung. Danny was just sentenced to 30 years to life. The 2019 civil lawsuit now begins going again with the sentencing done. Danny will be appealing his convictions.

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As usual, great reporting, Tony. We appreciate it. This is what struck me this week - your recent improvements in background choices. You took it from nothin but concrete to a glorious palm, to today's leafy tree filling the frame. More green stuff, less concrete!

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I'm glad to see this is getting some media attention, excerpts with Ortega quotes from Coleen Sullivan and Lisa Bartley via KABC:

One potential and highly anticipated witness who did not end up testifying at trial is Lisa Marie Presley -- a longtime friend of one of the accusers: Jane Doe 1. On Tuesday, outside the presence of the jury, attorneys argued about whether Presley should be permitted to take the witness stand.

"We didn't really have much information about why Lisa Marie Presley was on the witness list," says Tony Ortega, editor at The Underground Bunker who is covering the trial and first broke the news back in 2017 that the LAPD was investigating Masterson for alleged rapes.

"Deputy D.A. Mueller explained to the judge that Lisa Marie Presley was subpoenaed and what they wanted her to testify to was that after Jane Doe 1 had been raped by Masterson, she was talking about going to the police and Scientology asked Presley to talk Jane Doe 1 out of it," says Ortega.

"The way the prosecutor was describing it -- it sounded like a classic case of obstruction of justice," says Ortega.

"What that means is that Lisa Marie Presley would not just be testifying to a crime committed by Scientology, but one that she had taken part in," says Ortega. "Therefore, she had some exposure, some legal exposure."

"I think he Danny Masterson was deejaying under the name 'Donkey Punch' or something like that," she testified. Judge Olmedo immediately struck her answer from the court record because both sides had agreed before trial that the DJ name was too prejudicial and inflammatory.

"One thing that both sides stipulated to is that they did not want it mentioned in this trial, that during this period, when he's alleged to have raped these women, he performed under the DJ name, Donkey Punch," says Ortega. "DJ Donkey Punch, which is a slang term for a kind of anal rape, the same thing that he's accused of."

"They wanted that kept out because they said it was inflammatory," says Ortega. "A DJ could have a name like that and not be a rapist is basically the theory that the court is going by."


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With the civil suit pending, the girls are looking at getting Rich. Is this all about the money? Their actresses, are they playing a part. How can you tell their telling the Truth.

This is reasonable doubt.

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