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PODCAST: Louise Shekter compares working closely with both Hubbard and Miscavige

PODCAST: Louise Shekter compares working closely with both Hubbard and Miscavige

[Louise on her first day at the Apollo, in 1969]

Louise Shekter has written some dynamite pieces for us at the Underground Bunker. She not only was in some amazing places to witness Scientology history during her tenure (1969-2000), but she’s a terrific writer of evocative prose.

We thought it was time to bring her on the podcast, and we told her we had a special subject in mind. Louise is a member of a pretty select club: She worked closely, for years, with both Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and the man who succeeded him, David Miscavige.

On the yacht Apollo, she was one of Hubbard’s longest-serving personal aides. For Miscavige at Gold Base, she was a film director. She saw both men up close, and worked with them on major projects. How many people today who have left Scientology can say the same thing, we thought.

We asked her to compare her experiences with these two ultimate leaders of Scientology, and we hope you find her answers as fascinating as we did.

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