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Miscavige is merely implementing Hubbard's "automatic registration" policy letter, an ancient one, but Hubbard in one of his 1980s final despatch/"advices" stated to dig that up and integrate it with the Cine dissemination, that that is the policy and Hubbard updated order, basis for the displays that took on this whole new life under Miscavige, replacing personal contact. (In some of the Int Base "Cine" traffic are Hubbard orders to do ads for Scientology, and there are two types of LRH tech films, one type less mentioned is the type of Scientology film that is educational on basic Scientology ideas. )

The drift in Hubbard's final orders, was the "unhattedness" of staff, who botched registration of newbies, and unhatted registrars who didn't know enough about Scientology, thus LRH even in the late 1950s early 1960s came up with having a wall mounted bulletin board with slots and forms so the newbie walking into an org facility could read the bulletin board, take the form relevant to the newbie, and the form tells them all about what it is they are interested in, and what to do next. "Automatic Registration" was the concept.

It ties into today's gaudy displays of their various types.

And yes, all the way into what the project I was on, the "routing forms" project, which integrates with the computer INCOMM system in Scientology, and even one or two of the hare brained and still to this day not implemented ideas, to have a sort of Ipad like device that has all the Scientology parishioners vital info on it, so that the complete history of the follower is available on the Ipad, so that then servicing the follower is done exactly per all the Hubbard policy steps. We in the "routing forms" project never came close to figuring out how to integrate and do that, LOL.

The big point I'm making is that Hubbard is the driving force for this impersonal handling of newbie potential followers, this problem of going impersonal is on Hubbard, his final years of orders push towards the impersonal handling of newbies, and end running the problem he thought was the problem which he thought unhatted staffers would botch and lose new interested followers walking into the org facilities.

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Oh, the joy and glee when the poor lady at the Tampa Org has to wrestle the screen into submission before it will turn on, only to have it finally submit and cough up the Spanish version! But here comes the highly trained Volunteer Minister bustles to save the day. Oops, he can't even switch it back on.

Thanks for the chuckle, Mark :D

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Wise Beard Man got another Volunteer Minister to hold his camera and continue filming while Mark was given a nerve assist. I can't stop laughing!

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To apply scientology terminology to this situation: David Miscavige is in such poor shape he has slid all the way down to hiding on the tone scale. That is a tone level of -8 in scientology. There are only 4 levels lower than where he is now: Being Objects, Being Nothing, Can’t Hide and Total Failure.

If I was still stuck in the bubble and I observed that the self proclaimed leader of my organization was that near the bottom of a huge chart of emotional well being, it would cause me to wonder if I was in the right group.

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