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PODCAST: Steve Cannane checks in after reporting from the war in Ukraine

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Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega has been investigating and writing about the Church of Scientology since 1995, and daily since 2012 at The Underground Bunker. The Underground Bunker podcast allows him to discuss that news with important sources who know David Miscavige's cabal better than anyone.
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One of our favorite people in the whole world is Australian journalist Steve Cannane. We first became aware of Steve’s work because he was tearing it up at the ABC with story after story about Scientology in the land Down Under.

In particular, he was the first reporter to interview Valeska Paris, who alleged that for more than ten years she had been a prisoner on Scientology’s cruise ship the Freewinds. We then interviewed Valeska for the Village Voice, and it became the most popular story we ever published there.

Today Valeska is suing Scientology for labor trafficking in Tampa, and it’s been several years since Steve’s terrific book about Scientology in Australia, Fair Game, came out and was sued in court — but not by Scientology. (Go figure.) And let’s not forget that part of Steve’s book tour included stopping by HowdyCon 2017 in Denver!

We wanted to catch up with Steve, especially after seeing some of the reporting he’s done from the war in Ukraine. Amazing stuff!

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