Why would anyone choose $cientology over their children? Holy shades of Stalinist brain washing Batman. Seeing as Lron has something called the 'Chinese drill', perhaps Maoist brain washing is more appropriate?

Between the 'daycare from hell' and the Ranch from hell, why would anyone let the CO$ 'take care' of your children? Why saving the universe from psychiatry and Dick Nixon are much too important for you to bother with your children.

Warped? Damn straight. A true violation of what ever dynamic involves family. All to keep those BTs and free floating alien ghosts from keeping you from remembering those trillions of years of your past lives. And don't forget the money that Lron wanted. The CO$ is ALWAYS worse than you think.

Trish and Liz have earned their 'ASC' Purple hearts and my admiration.

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So heartbreaking. I couldn't imagine being so disinterested in who was looking after my kids and what/where/how they were being looked after. And by "looked after"-I mean, made to do grunt work for lazy, powertripping adults that dgaf about yours or anyone's kids. I wanted to hug them both.

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Mat Pesch responded on the YouTube version


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