“Judge Olmedo responded by asking if using the word “Scientology” was more inflammatory than evidence regarding gangs, white supremacy, or serial killers, which was all evidence that came into her cases without being excluded from court.”

Hmm sounds like the “my client won’t get a fair trial because he belongs to a sham religion that has the worst PR on the planet” attempt to stall the trial just made its appearance.

Not feeling even a touch of sorry that Danny may actually face the music. They are so close to out of time. Is this the part where he fakes a heart attack?

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Thanks for all the great, in depth reporting! I also saw that a bunch of news organizations were picking up yesterdays story, things are only going to heat up for Danny and the negative stories.

Olmedo seems she wants to get this thing done, not sure Danny's attorney made the case that some tv ads for LA Mayor are worth delaying a serial rapists trial. But worth a shot I guess.

The witness info is very interesting and illuminating. Seems that Mueller really did his homework.

Will be waiting for your updates!

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Oh yes, let the heavens part and let the bright light hit the defendant in the crotch. Danny Masterson is on trial, but so is $cientology. Hello Tabloids, here is your magazine cover for the next month.

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Tony, what do you think the chance is that Scientology gets Danny to take a plea to save them from embarrassment and possible legal issues stemming from all of this?

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Update per Variety:

n Tuesday, Judge Olmedo denied the defense request to delay the trial. She said that jurors could be asked about the political ads during voir dire. The trial is still set to begin on Oct. 11.

Olmedo also barred the prosecution from calling Headley as a Scientology expert during its case in chief. She said that the accusers would be able to explain the Scientology practices that may have influenced their decisions about whether to report the alleged rapes, but that there is no need for an expert to explain the church’s practices to the jury.

“This is not going to become a trial on Scientology,” the judge said.

The judge said she would allow limited testimony about the accusers’ fears of church retaliation, and their claims of harassment for going to the police. " "

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