David "I'm-just-an-aw-shucks-regular-guy-chatting-with-my-bitches-oops-parishoners-at-the-mecca-of-scienbollocky" McRavage is not doing and never has done business in Florida.

1-2-3, do the sociopath shuffle

Ain't nothin' but a wog-law kerfluffle

What I say goes, I'm above the fray

Now kiss my ass, and get outta my way!


Big Bouffanted Bean #1

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It would be easy to find photos of Miscavige doing business in Florida going back decades. He ran the entire Golden Age of Tech training daily in 1996. Then later in the 90’s he brought all the Int execs to Florida and made them all ride bicycles in ridiculous full body bike suits. Heber was made to ride down the stairwell at the WB building in a bright yellow suit while all the Int Execs and CMO CW laughed at him.

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Hoist by his own tiny petard!

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Judges usually don't take well to defendants evading service. I expect a nice slap down from the appeals court. Or should that be courts? I bet an appeal to a higher court is in the cards. Anything to waste time and money, that is the $cieno mantra.

As for the Tampa Bay Times article, "Until there’s a breakthrough, “I just don’t think I can really trust them,” one City Council member said of the church." And don't trust them after any 'breakthrough'. Tracy McManus for the win.

Sunny in the house!!! Be still my racing heart!

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“No, I’ve never done business in Florida; I’m based in California.”“No, I don’t do business in California; my offices are in Florida.” A whopper of a shell game. Want to bet that he’ll disappear entirely before the trial?

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When you insist on micromanaging everything, someday someone just might notice you were there.

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