So many millions of dollars spent harassing people, many of whom probably would never have spoken out of left alone. From 1983 to 2011, I had not told anyone I was ever in scientology. Then they tracked me down and the calls started, dozens a day.

I got the calls to stop when I let them know I was donating to “bloggers on the fringe of the internet”. Since then, I’ve started commenting and posting.

No one would ever have known I was even in if they hadn’t harassed me. I sincerely hope their footbullets are their eventual undoing.

I’m glad Alana came forward, some of these PIs don’t even know they are being paid to do Scientology’s dirty work. How “religious”.

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We are in the midst of a trial that alleges Scientology pressured the victims of violent rape not to report it to the police, and had them followed and harassed when they did.

We are also waiting for the resumption of a civil case against Scientology and David Miscavige about just such illegal personal persecution.

And now this. You couldn't have a more timely story.

There's a grand jury out there somewhere, deliberating, too...

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Alanna Warren writes very well. And what did all those PIs generate for all their efforts?? They got caught many times and that camera in the bird house is still the butt of many jokes.

Mark Bunker continues to be a railroad spike in the Clampires backside. Well done Mark and I hope that the money for that project comes through soon.

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Wow! This is what all those tax deductible donations are paying for, along with bankrolling a lot of attorneys. Great use of “church” money, right?

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Thank you, Alanna. Your story needs to be told. It’s high time.

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The world's greatest ecclesiastical leader of "the coolest religion" on earth, blowing millions of dollars on private investigators...and slander websites...and sleazy lawyers to litigate vexaciously...and stalking and harassment campaigns...

"Mankind's Only Hope", my ass!

May the Bouffanted, Lift-Wearing Plague be neutralized sooner than later.

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Excellent article from one of the PIs monitoring the “enemies” of Scientology. Mr. Hubbard was a true paranoid psychopath as evidenced by his policies regarding anyone who might criticize him or his organizations. And Miscavige has carried the torch to the nth degree. Spending millions and millions of dollars harassing ex-members and sometimes reporters is just short of the conduct of despotic leaders like Putin or Xi Ping. This is why we don’t stop shining the light on the abuses and crimes of Scientology. Thanks again to Tony for his tireless reporting.

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Incredible. Excellent details and concise and packed.

Thankyou so much, and if you do get sued, one way or if not, both are news of horrible L. Ron Hubbard's policies making Scientology an irreligious nasty operation to work for in any way.

I wish Hubbard pulled the plug before he died, on Scientology, but he didn't.

All future PIs for Scientology need to hear your voice!

Such an important short excellent piece of Scientology history.

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