When I had my last stint on the torture chamber known as the Freewinds, my only solace was the many nights after collecting scraps from dinners, I would go down to the docks and feed the feral cats. I became known for it and people would save their scraps for me. After I left I heard they stopped allowing people to do this. I guess there is a logical reason for that. But it truly was my only moments of peace and love, the only moments that were mine during those final two months.

To have lost so much but especially that kind of special something that animals can provide, must have been so heartbreaking for Shelly.

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I'm picturing those first hours, days and weeks for Shelly after she was taken from her home against her will and wishes. In many walks of life, this is known as kidnap.

"Love" isn't a concept that's alloted any worth in Scientology, in the Sea Org in particular. Shelly strived to be the best Sea Org worker she could possibly be; she was the leader's wife, she had to be stronger, harder, busier, *more* devout. And yet, despite Scientology's condemnation of the "weaker" emotions, love bubbled out of her anyway, and the recipients of that love were her dogs.

How, then, she must have mourned them, worried about them, wondered if they missed her as much as she missed them. Hoped they were being cared for like she'd cared for them. As the years passed, she would have known that her companions were aging and dying. And that marking of time must have been an unbearable reminder that she was never getting out.

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I do feel in agreement with the comment that miscavige will keep Shelly until she passes.

With or most likely without her 100% Intention to stay.

I really feel now that Scientology also created a new level . That of Prisoners of the Bridge & miscavige.

Thank you Tony &. All . XXOO

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