All evidence presented by you and Mr Augustine regarding Tommy Davis being a wanker is more probative than prejudicial and is fully admissable. Also, as I've just now arbitrarily declared myself the judge in this case, I find in favor of yes, he remains a wanker. (Honestly I'd forgotten amongst everything else, but omg the street harassing. Creeped me RIGHT the fuck out. Halfway expecting to hallucinate Tommy Davis stealing my breath next time I have sleep paralysis)

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As mentioned in a previous post, I love this song track. I've tried to sleuth out the artists but they may just be listed under pseudonyms: THDNE (The Hole Does Not Exist) , L. Wrong Hubbard (lol), and Mr. Hole. The lead singer's voice rustled up some childhood memories of Schoolhouse Rock songs, like a bluesy take on Lynn Ahrens.

Then I found it in an old Underground Bunker post!!


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Once again... fantastic Tony & Jeffrey!

Tony, as I've said all along...you have done an outstanding job of bringing this trial & excellent details & facts to each of us.

Don't ever think we "don't care about the life of a journalist". Perhaps for some journalists, but to me you are far more than a journalist. You are a kick ass activist! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

I'm very sorry to hear about the decision re Paul Haggis. From day 1 I said I thought it was a set up. "There was no connection to Scientology"?!? It took me 10 years to get Wikipedia to realize Scientology was *covertly* editing out facts about Scientology.

Now in their DVD (going out to colleges, High schools, and when I saw the premier, the creators of How to use Wikipedia told me grade schools were requesting it)...

In the middle it says:

"Some people & organizations were found to be covertly editing Wikipedia & we have banned them". In big letters with a Red

X In the middle was "The Church of Scientology"

Covert actions is their specialty! Remember, they got me to open up their phony accounts so they could "handle the critics" on the Net. Once I finally saw they were stopping free speech, covertly, I left Scientology...after 30 years "in", and escaped out, forever.

The very fact that slimeball Tommy Davis

was anywhere near Paul's family while this was going on, tells a lot.

Have a great weekend one and All! πŸ’œβ›©οΈπŸ™‚

P.S. Thanks for mentioning my question, Tony

If my life was on the line...no matter what I would tell my side of it: unless I knew I was guilty. 😎

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The only line I can find from Vessey talking about anything Justin said is:

"Well, Justin and i were both conveying that I was fine where I was, and he wasn't taking that."

It can be found at almost the exact mid-point in the transcript,


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In JD 4's testimony on the 9th, you wrote, "Well, Justin and i were both conveying that I was fine where I was, and he wasn't taking that." I believe this is where Cohen took issue claiming it was a 'statement' by Justin, even though it was just a reference to a statement. But that's how I see it.

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As usual great job reporting on this!

One important thing - URGENT actually...

Change that smoke detector battery that’s keeps beeping - smoke detectors save lives!

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Am I the only one that spent over 45 minutes trying to figure out which one of my smoke detectors was chirping only to realize that’s it’s in the background of this podcast? πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€£

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Regarding the Haggis trial, I read somewhere that when Haggis took the stand he admitted the plaintiff had said, "no" at some point during the sexual encounter. He characterized it as not meaning no. That was fatal, in my opinion.

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I'm really enjoying following this case. It's amazing to be updated in real time every day! Great work, really well done & thank you. As a light aside I swear I spat my tea out laughing when you talked about Tommy Davis. I didn't know you guys in the US knew 'that' word. We use it lots in the UK but it really made me chuckle.

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@Tony Ortega: Can you please post your podcasts on a dedicated podcast platform, say, Castbox, stitcher, spreader, global player, etc.

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Nov 12, 2022Β·edited Nov 12, 2022

Thank you again, gentlemen, for your wonderful work and the detail. I just want you to know that your reporting gave me valuable information about a person I've endured years of angst because of Scientology's disconnection policy. Not quite an answer to "Where's Shelley?" but c;lose in impact for me.

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