Unbelievable. and yet. Not.

It's continued revelations like these that put together the 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle called The Church of Scientology. The picture after all these years is coming together. LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH! It is one of a very dark and a very sinister, ugly, abusive, high control group with religious tax exempt status that will stick anyone to it who gets too close.

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From the very excellent article,

The email states that this portrayal “is actually 100% true”

I can see why the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology feels the need to point out, in internal memos, when they are caught telling a truth.

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Aungst the Younger is also serving on the board DeSantis appointed to replace Reedy Creek (Disney). He sure has a lot of experience as a puppet.

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Why lie, obfuscate and head fake any real estate transaction? Because Miscavige just has to lie to get under the skin of anyone who doesn't kiss his ass. Pettiness is where on the Tone Scale? What are all those recently bought up properties doing? Is Miscavige going to trade over 100 million dollars of property for a 5 million dollar parcel? The stupidity of the situation is balanced by the pettiness of the dwarfenführer.

Tracy McManus and the TBT are exactly what a local newspaper should be. Just watch your backs or you may get the Gabe Cazares treatment.

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White Knight?

Should they have just called Batman instead?

Nah, they just lie, wait...oops, they...TELL ACCEPTABLE TRUTHS...to reactive, down-stat meat-sacks

who dare to question, challenge, oppose, defy, or criticize...command intention/the supreme homunculus dimension.

By Xenu, they are carrying the WEIGHT of this universe's salvation on their beleagured shoulders, with their ecclesiastical leader, who possesses THE PERFECT TECH and the TONE FARTY INTENTION to pull it off, being repeatedly let down by incompetent slaves and distracted by nosey "wog" courts and merchants of chaos!

His lofty, "trans-dynamic" attempts to increase the theta-entheta ratio in Clearwater by secretly buying up properties continues to be viciously attacked by overt-ridden, "anti-religious bigots".

Jeez, the trials and tribulations of a lift-wearing, bouffanted, Macallan-swilling, bitch-slapping Intergallactic Swashbuckler!!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of THE CROWLEYIAN PIMP STALKS CLEARWATER!

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Balls the size of China. That's what Tracey McManus has, and kudos to her for her reporting. I hope she and those close to her professionally and personally have eyes behind their heads because whatever level of fair gaming they have had to endure up to now will surely multiply after today's article. I went back to look at Eli Murray's graphics from McManus' 2019 article and, even if one doesn't read any of these articles at all, just that visual presentation stands on its own. It is eye-popping. Sure, Riley and the other "outsiders" might be doing things that are in theory "legit," but City Manager Jennifer Poirrier hits the nail on the head when she says the deception in Scientology's business dealings is unnecessary. Also, I'm curious about the "unperturbed" council member from the embedded article, who seemed to be watching from the back row and floating along as if nothing. Is (s)he still on the council? McManus did not attribute the quotes to specific members. But that's an older article, so back to today's. I hope the Tampa Bay Times puts it front and center on its Facebook page, considering there are almost 400,000 followers.

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What a tangled web! Too bad for the people of Clearwater.

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He looks like such a creep in that photo, like he’s got withholds.

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