Expert witness??

Jessie Prince?

Mike Rinder?

Maybe Leah Remini??

Marty Rathbun?? Nah, not him.

So many exs and so many people not afraid of the Clampire. I love that. I see a lot of info about to get to the civil suit and I see someone 4 foot 13 quaking in his shoes.

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Just waiting in the details of “other ongoing investigations” mentioned by - I think - Mueller at an earlier hearing. It looks like Mueller is more than happy to enter by the door that Mesereau opened by asking questions about the agreement. And I just love the “confidentiality” of the agreement - it’s almost as if it contained some unconsciable or illegal. And since Singer’s firm is private and he presumably hopes to have a professional life after this case, he cannot be relied on to fall on his sword for defendant David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige and the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology.

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Tony, thank you for your detailed reporting.

All this is healing for us harmed by scientology. I'm not the revengefull type. I believe in mother natures balance and the time has come. It's very therapeutic 😌

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So many gold nuggets in this article, thanks.

Cannot wait to see who is brought forward as the expert witness on Scientology (couldn’t help but think of Jesse first 🤣) & so I’m so intrigued by the Schaffer details.

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I do so hope the legal fees part blows up. That would be awesome if someone accidentally told the IRS about it...

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I've been a Scientology watcher and critic for over 30 years and this is one of the most interesting and gratifying articles regarding Scientology that I've read, of course, my hope is that this case continues to increase in satisfaction to all Scientology critics and its victims.

In 1967 the US recognized Scientology as a grifters scam and took away their tax exemption. In 1991 TIME magazine published what I considered a devastating cover story on Scientology, two years later the US, shockingly, again made Scientology tax exempt and it sadly remains so to this day.

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What's everyone's take on whether Danny's attorney's can buy more time for him? Cohn is putting off the vibe that he is overwhelmed, and can't possible handle an actual trial because it's just so much work. The closer it gets, the more nervous and incredulous he seems.

Is there any way left to delay? It looks like he's telling the judge he can't possibly prepare for it, but that seems like the Defenses problem and not the courts since this has been delayed over 2 years already.

Thanks for all the detailed and in depth reporting! Not many people out there doing this work.

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