I'm really enjoying the article but I was reading it on mobile and went through with signing up to The Daily Beast which is fine. I'm always good with jumping through hoops or supporting a writer I dig.

The Daily Beast's website was really terrible on my phone. Maybe it's just me but it froze, kicked me back to the beginning and crashed a number of times.

The details were so vivid and juicy that it made the problems reading just more frustrating. I am not directing this as criticism, Tony, it's more like I'm a bunkeraholic trying to get my fix.

I will finish on desktop which I should have used from the start for a meaty deep dive. But I just wanted to offer that note and see if others experienced issues.

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“It’s insane. It’s so unjust and so manipulative,” she said. “It’s a fraudulent organization that’s hiding behind religion. People talk about kangaroo courts? This is like Disneyland-on-crack court.”

Valerie's quote is a perfect characterization of $cientology.

"In California, an arbitration award will stand unless the party challenging the decision can show (1) "the award was procured by corruption, fraud, or other undue means"; (2) "the rights of the party were substantially prejudiced by the misconduct of a neutral arbitrator"; or (3) an arbitrator failed to make a timely ..."


'Religious arbitration' is not arbitration in any sense of the words. But can any civil court over turn this 'arbitration'? Yes, the clampires blending of contract law and 'religion' means that 'religion' will always win in any dispute. That is the very definition of unconscionable. Ok courts, get off your well padded chair and boil the clam.

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Tony is documenting another exposure of Scientology’s manipulation of our legal system to protect itself from taking responsibility for its clear cut abuses and crimes.

Hubbard had a devious, paranoid and calculating mind. And his legal minions have carried on the tradition of evil cleverness.

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Bravo to Haney, D'Andrea, and Berry! And I am SO glad they hired the court reporting services to capture contemporaneous reports of what happened each day - solid strategy there.

She left CoS. She is not fooled by your tactics anymore and if you haven't figured out yet that she won't drop this you're going to regret it.

Go Team Go!

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Total insanity. Can’t believe Valerie has the balls to go through with more arbitration. Can’t believe the judge thinks this is anywhere close to justice or a legally defined arbitration. Scn sounds like Hell on Earth.

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Same thing keeps happening on my tablet.

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Dec 10, 2023·edited Dec 10, 2023

That 'spiritual' arbitration reminds me in a way of when you request a claim form in an establishment, and they give you an internal document from the company, instead of the official administrative document; in case it sneaks...

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