Oh, no, no, no. This is awful! Unbearable. The mental trauma Whitney must have suffered to choose to end her life in such a brutal way. I'm absolutely heartbroken for her. She was clearly loved by family and friends alike, so I cannot fathom their grief, or the trauma her brother will have suffered upon finding her.

This is one of those stories that should transcend a crummy little cult, but it's Scientology and the ramifications of its tenets and practises on its members cannot be discounted. Add to that the speed with which her church would have turned its back on her upon learning of her suicidal thoughts and her despair can only have been magnified.

I'm so very sorry, Whitney.

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Yet another horrific story. Who knows how much relief could have been obtained if Whitney Mills pursued real medical assistance. One thing I know from reading this, is that Ms Mills was probably being pushed to the sidelines as far as its church members relationships with Whitney.

The church of scientology is not a group one wants to belong to if what you need is tender loving care, succor and medical assistance. You will only get this from real friends and family, not ones where the church of scientology comes first.

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Whitney Mills was a victim of the insidious mind control of the Clampire. Yeah, a touch assist will help with cancer. Her depression meant that she could not go on the cans and by expressing suicidal ideation, she became an outcast in the $cienoverse. Why those around her did not get her the medical care for Lyme disease is beyond the pale. Antibiotics and other drugs do wonders for Lyme disease. Add in a 'suspicious' growth on an ovary and no wonder Whitney was depressed. Everyone around Ms. Mills failed her.

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So sad to read this. This article should be sent to every active Scientologist.

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If she had just gotten to a dr she would have found out it wasn’t cancer !! Omg!! This is so senseless!!!

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What a tragic, pointless waste of a life. The cult of scientology strikes again.

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Dec 28, 2022·edited Dec 28, 2022

One thing desperate Scientologists might mistakenly also request "help" from Scientology, is the "End of Life" Assist or rundown.

When we were on the PAC RPF, and Jill Burkhardt (RPFed from Case Supervisor at AOLA to the PAC RPF, twinned with Misha Parodi for a while during Jill's cancer treatment period), passed away, Jill's auditor was I think Katy (or was it Jessica) Feshbach, and Katy came and gave us all a long briefing of the End of Life assist that Jessica/Katy gave to Jill (Burkhart, Jil had been an AOLA Case Supervisor prior to Jil's RPFing).

Remember that Sunny?

LRH also, was given the "End of Life Assist" by Ray Mithoff, at the end of LRH's life.

This Scientology "End of Life" assist isn't assisted suicide though, it's more like an "assist" to let a dying person on their deathbed finally "let go" of all ties to the physical universe they might be "stuck" on, is how Jessica or Katy explained her giving this assist or rundown when Jessica (?, I can't remember if it was Jessica or Katy Feshbach who was married to the then Snr C/S WUS Rodriguez) who gave it to Jil. Whichever Feshbach it was, she came and briefed us RPFers on Jil's passing and all the efforts to deal with Jil's cancer.

I remember the crowd of us RPFers, some ended up in grief, since it was a pretty tear jerking moment hearing all the effort Jessica (?) Feshbach who worked in CLO WUS Qual or CMO PAC or RTC wasn't she (?), she was married to Snr C/S WUS at that time, and also Jil's twin priorly (I think it was Misha Parodi who was Jil's twin on the RPF, and then the final auditing had to be taken over by Jessica F/Rodriguez who did the End of Life steps with Jil).

This needs discussing and airing.

The "End of LIfe" assist or rundown, is a real thing.

It needs nailing down exactly this "End of Life" assist or rundown, the exact procedures.

Here's the article I mentioned the death of Jill Burkhardt, when Jessica detailed the "End of Life" assist to us RPFers, how it was done to Jill.


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Another life lost to Scientology.

It sounds like she was incredibly devoted - is there any worth speculating that she started to question everything?

Either way, she was caught between two evils: accept that her pain as an OT8 was her fault, or that everything she’d known was a lie. Truly tragic.

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To be so anguished that you set yourself on fire?

Every single individual who turned away, and did not offer help will share the karma of this tragical self-murder. I am so bitterly sorry for her.

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Of course; she would not have been encouraged to go to any non-chiropractic or decent OB/Gyn. She feared cancer, and since that means she could not receive auditing- well no reason to live!!! Unbelievably horrible...and a young life that could have been treated and saved- Damn this cruel cult!

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This is terrible! Another Scientologist committed suicide after "going up the Bridge!" Your article brought back my tenure as a senior executive in the Flag Service Organization late 1970s early 1980s when I almost did the same, standing on the roof of the Fort Harrison Hotel, wanting to throw myself over the side. That emotional torture has stayed with me throughout my life. Yes, time heals, and in the present, I understand how it came about. But the memory never goes away. We have the names of those who committed suicide. But has anyone collected the names of those who seriously considered doing so? It might be revelatory.

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Not her auditing twin, but more Jill's "buddy" and attender, during the months Jill was undergoing cancer treatment.

I know, Misha and I were later on the RPF's RPF "decks" scrubbing stairwells, and Misha explained those months with Jill when she was doing assists, and absolutely, Mishas couldn't do any auditing, only assists and being with Jill and more like a buddy. Not twin, correct, in the RPF twin definition. But "twin" in the buddy role. Both were together for those cancer months, Misha went with Jill to hospital etc, I think they berthed same room, type of thing.

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I am not sure why the Church would not reach out to Whitney. She was their public and was clearly enturbulated (not happy). What ever she was asking for was a big red flag. Normally the church would jump on that to help the person but also to ensure they did not get mentioned in any articles like this one. Also, as an aside, this person is/was in very bad case shape, especially for someone who was supposedly OT 8. Nervous, depressed, uncertain, these words should never be part of an ot 8's vocabulary. Somebody missed the boat here.

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