VIDEO: Danny Masterson on the best way to make a move on a woman


Last month, we brought you a couple of painful minutes from an appearance that accused rapist and Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson made on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show in 2012.

Pollak asked Masterson about his notorious DJ stage name from the years 1997 to 2003, “DJ Donkey Punch.” Masterson explained the moniker, which is a slang reference to anal rape, something that many of our readers would have liked to see him have to answer questions about under oath at his criminal trial, which ended on November 30 with a hung jury and mistrial.

Masterson didn’t testify (criminal defendants usually don’t in this country), and so we never got to see how he might have answered that question on the witness stand. But what he did tell Pollak in 2012 was enough to get a huge reaction from our readers.

A couple of them pointed out to us that later in that same interview, Masterson has a couple of additional responses that seem to relate to the charges he’s facing. So we’ve pulled them out for another short video for you to watch. And yes, we’ll warn you that it’s Danny Masterson talking about sex, so be forewarned.

In the first segment, Pollak asks him a question sent in by a fellow actor, Adam Busch, who wants to hear Masterson’s recommendation for “the best way to make a move on a girl once you’ve got them back to your place.”

Masterson immediately responds, “Oh, you just invite them for a shower.”

This resonated with our tipsters, who remembered that a shower was involved in two of the cases that we heard testimony about at the trial, the rape allegations by Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2.

In the second segment, Masterson describes an upcoming episode of the sitcom Men at Work that he was appearing in then, and describes a sexual threesome that he’s invited to be part of with James Lesure and Stacy Keibler. He calls it a “Ber-dude-a triangle,” and says of Keibler, “We tag-teamed the shit out of her.”

Just lovely stuff from Masterson.

This week we’re flying to Los Angeles for a Tuesday hearing in the courtroom of Judge Charlaine Olmedo, where we expect to learn more about whether the LA District Attorney’s Office intends to retry Masterson, which is scheduled for March 27.

Thankfully, flight prices after the holidays have come down considerably, but if you’d like to help us out with our expenses, you can use Paypal at our address, which is handled by our attorney, Scott Pilutik.

We look forward to bringing you the action this week in court!

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