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VIDEO: If Danny Masterson had testified about 'DJ Donkey Punch'


We want to thank the reader who brought a 2012 video to our attention that we hadn’t seen before. We’ve taken an excerpt from it that we think you might find interesting, because it answers the question: What might Danny Masterson have answered if he’d testified in his trial and was asked about his notorious DJ moniker?

Masterson, a Scientology celebrity, is facing charges that he forcibly raped three women who were Scientologists at the time in incidents that occurred between 2001 and 2003. A criminal trial held in Los Angeles ended in a hung jury on November 30. A retrial has been scheduled for March 27. Also, a fourth woman testified that she had been attacked by Masterson in 1996.

Masterson himself did not testify on his own behalf during the trial, which is pretty common for defendants in the US. However, we heard from many readers during the trial who wondered if Masterson would take the witness stand, and what his testimony would be like. And we couldn’t help wondering what he might answer if he were asked under oath about the DJ stage name he had used.

Over that same period that he’s accused of raping multiple women, from about 1997 to 2003, Masterson performed under the name “DJ Donkey Punch.”

Here’s how the Urban Dictionary currently defines that a “donkey punch” is…

Donkey punching involves the male punching the sexual partner in the back of the head during anal or vaginal sex prior to orgasm, to provoke a shock causing the vaginal or anal muscles to contract around the male’s penis. The move can be prosecuted as sexual assault and even rape in the case of surprise anal penetration.

So at the same time that he’s accused of multiple, violent rapes, Danny Masterson was performing under a name that alluded to violent rape. However, before the trial began, both sides agreed that the DJ name would not be allowed in testimony, as it was deemed more “prejudicial” than “probative.”

Still, readers wondered why the jury shouldn’t hear that Masterson was apparently advertising publicly his sexual predatory predilection at the same he was accused of actually raping several women.

In 2004, one of the women he’s accused of raping, who goes by Jane Doe 1, defied Scientology policy and did report her incident to the LAPD. Scientology swarmed that investigation with affidavits and it ended without charges. However, later that year Jane Doe 1 testified that she was forced by Scientology into a non-disclosure agreement with Masterson, who paid her $400,000.

Around that time, Masterson dropped “DJ Donkey Punch” and took up the milder stage name of “DJ Mom Jeans.”

What might have Masterson said about it if he was asked about this? Well, it turns out he was. In a 2012 interview on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show, Masterson was asked about his stage names and gave an interesting response, as you’ll see above.

Also, a clip is shown that has Masterson acting in the role of a divorce attorney, and the scene is directed by his brother, Christopher Masterson. In it, Masterson utters this line…

“I will rape your spouse… financially.”

Well, isn’t that special.

We’re still waiting to hear if the LA District Attorney’s office is going to go through with the retrial. The first pre-trial hearing is scheduled for January 10.

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