I had been out since 1983, had nothing to do with scientology, but was in hiding. No one I knew knew I had ever had been in scientology. Then...in 2010, scientology managed to track me down in a different state under a different name. They attempted to “recover” me.

What they did was make me look. I looked long and hard. The first book I read was “A Piece of Blue Sky” followed in the same week by “Barefaced Messiah”.

Those two books removed the blinders. By 2011, I was free from the “recovery” calls (long story) and had my eyes wide open understanding what a horrendous cult I had been in.

Miller and Atack, Paulette Cooper, all the early pioneers who revealed scientology for what it was when everyone else was staying quiet, deserve a huge debt of gratitude from all of us.

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I still wondering how the cult still has tax exempt status. I know there was an IRS scandal back in the 90’s in which PI’s hired by Scientology blackmailed the IRS, but this is ridiculous.

Miscavige should be in jail and all their stalking and illegal activities which have been captured on video have proven that they are not a religion.

And even if they can claim religious status, it doesn’t grant you tax exempt status unless you serve your community. What does Scientology serve, but itself? They aren’t a charitable organization which helps the needy like so many Catholic charities. They continually charge their members to become more enlightened.

They act more like a multi-level marketing organization in which the only ones getting rich are the people at the top, and everyone else gets fleeced.

They’re just like prosperity ministers in which the pastors tell the flock; “give me all your money and god will give you back riches, ten-fold. And by the way, god wants me to by a new $100 million jet so I can spread the gospels. There are too many lost souls that need to be saved, and god wouldn’t want me to fly coach. Too little time, too many lost souls: can I hear a AMEN????

So tell me, I’m I missing something? Why should the rest of us be subsidizing the life styles of these charlatans, helping them get rich, while the rest of us have to pay for the privilege?

Just asking for a friend...:)

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Good interview with Russel Miller a pioneer in the field of Hubbard research. I know of no religious organization that so effectively defended its lies and deceit as Scientology. Hubbard wrote the playbook beyond anyone else on how to maintain a fraud that seemed bulletproof. Hundreds of documents on how to destroy whistleblowers. And until the internet hit Scientology seemed impervious.

Even then it’s only been since the film Going Clear and the Aftermath series that the cherch started to really visibly contract. I’m glad Russel is being acknowledged for his groundbreaking work done so long ago.

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Wonderful interview, thank you for sharing here, I may have missed it otherwise.

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The way in which this branch of darkness achieved tax exemption, without other authorities being able to proactively cooperate to prevent it, apart from assuming its financial salvation, represented a dangerous moral injection in its favor. The United States of America, (we are not talking about a developing country), cannot allow human rights to be violated through the shield of the First Amendment, with the amount of documentation that exists! If we put it all together, including court rulings from around the world, and make it clear that no one dares to tell the truth while inside, this is a decisive issue. A macro-judicial process would be incredible. As long as there is fear from more ex-members, it doesn't seem like there can be enough social alarm to foster greater political will, I guess...

That we have fears with those programmed, it is also normal.

Is there no exception for the use of sodium pentothal for national security reasons?

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Protohistory is written by wonderful women and men, who will not appear in history books.

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