Vital is getting the jury to understand these women, as members of Scientology, were subject to an unconditional law, written by the founder L Ron Hubbard that it is a "High Crime" to ~ever~call the police.

Also the ramifications of violating that law:

These women would lose *every* friend & any family who were also members then, forever.

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The potential jurors get it, the prosecution and defense and the judge get it. The evidence will be presented and it all comes down to who the jury believes. I do hope that the prosecution has hard, written down or video evidence. Nothing sways a jury like video or direct testimony from witnesses.

Ok, now go to your corners and come out fighting fair. And that jury consultant? Someone watched too much of the crappy TV show, Bull. I wonder who thought a 'jury consultant' was good idea? Danny's legal bills must be sky high at this moment.

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