These trigger the time I was asked to make a video when I was on the Freewinds ship of this "church." (Never aired anywhere; thank God.) I didn't want to do it but was asked to and one knows that he/she cannot say no or you will find yourself in a world of hurt. You never really know when you watch these if any of these people are doing this out of duress or free will. Well actually, none of these are totally "free will." No such thing in the church of scientology.

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We are currently going through an issue with a family member and addiction. The lies have been uncovered yet the person continues to lie, trapped in their own delusional world that everyone believes them and they are smarter than those they are lying to, too proud to admit they need help.

Because I am watching this and scientology watching in parallel, I am aghast at the parallels of a hard core scientologist and an unrepentant addict. The lies that are so transparent to those of us on the outside are their only protection from the perceived threat of what would happen if their comfort zone was attacked.

It becomes painful to watch these videos. More like watching a cornered dog begging it’s owner not to beat it.

The most painful part if all of it is the fact that when I was in and spouting those same lies, I was totally oblivious to the people who didn’t believe the lies, especially the ones who loved me and were hurt by the lies.

Unfortunately, just like any addict, a scientologist cannot leave until they are ready to break free. The arrogance will do them in, just like it does addicts.

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